Sunday, June 22, 2008

A House Divided

The Universities in North Carolina have a really long history, and along with that, an incredibly strong fan base. This is particularly true with our ACC schools here in the Triangle Area. UNC, Duke and NC State are all within thirty miles of each other, and this leads to strong rivalries, and, oddly enough, marriages.

Chris and I have such a marriage. He went to NC State (boooooooooo) and I went to UNC (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay). We are a House Divided.

Just to give you some idea of how big a deal this can be... I'll tell you a story of when Chris and I first started dating. He had made it quite clear that he was very interested in me. We were on our first date after we had been chatting at game nights and online for a few weeks. He was at my house, sitting on the couch, and we were watching Return of the Jedi. We were chatting... and our schools came up.

I am a little bit older than he is. I already knew he was at NC State in grad school, and I had just finished grad school in Greensboro. So I had already adjusted to the idea that he was the enemy, academically speaking. He, however, did not know where I had done my undergrad. When I told him, his eyes widened and his expression was easier to read than a large print copy of Good Night Moon. He was making a decision... can I actually date a UNC grad? Can we have a future together? Can she be half as awesome as I think she is if she bleeds Carolina Blue?

Obviously he came to his senses and our relationship moved forward. But, there are still issues. One of the major ones is the kids.

We had to make a pact when I learned I was pregnant with Athena. Neither of us were allowed to buy any of our own school's merchadise for the kids. Others could buy for us, but we could not. Soon, the NC State stuff started coming in from Brant, but Jason followed up with a healthy dose of UNC. We both have good friends, apparently.

Which brings us to today. Recently Marcus picked up one of Chris' NC State ball caps. He wore it around, which was terribly cute as it's way too big for him. But he loves it, so Chris adjusted it to as small a size as he can, and Marcus wears it all the time.

Naturally, this has been bothering me. So Mom and I were in dear old Chapel Hill on Friday, and she learned that Marcus was in need of a Carolina ball cap. She purchased a very cute one that is actually in his size.

I gave it to him yesterday.

He wore it for ten minutes.

He tossed it aside and last night, he slept with the NC State hat.

I have failed.

But there is still hope for Athena.


Jessica said...

I am so glad that my husband and I are in agreement on our collegiate allegiance (he has none, so mine prevails! Huzzah!) and professional sports affiliations (Raaaaiders, despite the last five years).
Ah, it makes life much easier.

Jason said...

Sorry to hear about this Elizabeth. One of my nephews really wants to grow up and drive a garbage truck. I know that's not quite as disappointing, but I can sort of understand.

eaf said...

The hat saw a little more action tonight. Both kids wore it for various intervals of time. They also tried to put it on Daddy's head, but that was causing seizures, so they had to stop.

Chris said...

The sad thing about all of this is that Elizabeth is actively trying to alter the choice. She keeps putting the hats on their heads. Marcus chose to pick up my State hat and put it on. I never put it on his head unrequested. He found it himself.

Elizabeth is also trying to cheat the system too, by having her mom buy her Carolina stuff to counter something that has been in the house since before the kids were born, just because they took an interest in my stuff.

I've been letting them choose for themselves, but if you want to force the issue, I can devise plenty of ways to make them State fans.

Chris said...

I could go down the spite path and buy them Duke stuff. A hurt to me, but a dagger to the heart of a Carolina fan.

Anonymous said...

I applied to Duke Law and got rejected, and almost applied to UNC (but ditched it in place of Duke), so I hate Duke (despite them having Carlos Boozer from Juneau, yay!), and will have to side with Elizabeth. Not that anybody cares about my opinion.

And I don't know what difference it makes for Jessey, when do you ever hear of the Aggies in anything.

magnolia_mer said...

Naw, you haven't failed. Marcus just wants to be like Daddy, that's all...

I have seen nothing like the rivalries that exist here in NC. I was born and raised in Louisiana, and I don't think anyone really cared if one went to Tech or LSU. Or Tulane or Loyola.