Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Quest for Hotness: Mile Marker One

Well, here we are at Mile Marker One... my birthday. My goal here was 205. Yesterday, I was at 206. Last night, I had two Margaritas and Fish and Chips to celebrate my birthday. Today, I weigh in at 207.


I am not discouraged. Honestly, I've made only a half-hearted effort this past month or so. Little to no exercise, and more desserts than I really should have indulged in. So... I have lost nine pounds, and that makes me happy.

Today won't be a good day for the diet, since I'm eating out for lunch AND dinner AND having buttered popcorn at the theater when I see Wall-E. I have never bought into the "plain popcorn is better" mentality. I do understand it may be true, but that fake buttery substance movie theaters use? The stuff that must be made of plastic and wax? Yeah... that stuff is awesome. I'm not giving that up no way, no how.

Then tomorrow, I need to kick it up a notch. Especially if I want to meet my next goal... Amy's birthday, which is only about a week away. ACK!

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Anonymous said...

Fish & chips = too much sodium = bloating = liar of a weight gain. Use the 206 weight. And 1 pound off your goal is fab.