Monday, March 24, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane

I'm off to the frozen north tomorrow. Minneapolis. Cold. Speaking of which, I have one. A cold that is. It kicked it around Friday night, and despite my best efforts to hold it off, it has managed to creep down from my sinuses (where it is still happily dwelling) into my throat. Sort of a Manifest Destiny situation. This would be fine except... well, did I mention I'm getting on a plane tomorrow? I did. Yes, well... it bears repeating...

I'm getting on a plane WITH a freaking head cold. (I have the cold, mind you... not the plane... which would be just silly, right? Although planes do have noses...)

Hmmmm... how many Benadryl did I take?


magnolia_mer said...

Mucinex D saved my bacon. Unfortunately, it's the stuff you have to sign for at the pharmacy counter, but worth the trouble.

Kept me breathing and kept the stuff in my chest from turning into bronchitis. I took it at night so I could sleep.

eaf said...

I've also got Sudafed. The REAL Sudafed you have to sign for... but may try that Mucinex. I'm feeling like crap.

Chris said...

Well, I just spoke to her and she has landed safely and without incident.

magnolia_mer said...

Mucinex D is composed of Sudafed and Guafenesin (sp??) so that's why you have to sign for it.

Also: drink tons of water. You'll be in the bathroom a lot, but it will soothe your throat and thin the gunk. Especially important now that you're traveling. Glad you got there safe and sound.

I hope you feel better soon!