Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Joy

We got to sleep in until 9:30! This was enough to make the day go well. However, Chris and I both have some sort of head cold/allergy combination that is pretty much kicking our butts.

Despite that, my morning shower energized me, and I went downstairs to make strawberry waffles. This was met by unanimous approval, including my husband saying that we should have these more often... We'll see, I say.

To make said waffles, I had to clean two nights worth of dishes first AND start the dishwasher (after emptying and refilling). One of the side effects of our budget-minded resolution to eat more meals at home results in a lot more dishes. Now I remember why I ate out all the time.

After breakfast (MORE dishes), I got to relax for about thirty minutes while we watched Barbie as Rapunzel (a movie the Easter Bunny was gracious enough to get for us... I'm guessing because it was on sale at Target for $5. Just guessing, of course. Athena played with her new Barbie horse, and Marcus played with his new Pooh phone. The books they got were largely ignored, although Athena did ask me to read hers to her once. Marcus also got a movie... 101 Dalmations (I'm guessing because the Easter Bunny had a gift certificate to Best Buy), and we haven't watched that yet.

After my 30 minutes on the couch, I started Easter dinner. Fortunately, my mother-in-law offered to make everything and bring it over... my only responsibility was the meat. So I rubbed down a big hunk of lamb (sorry to the gentler folks out there... I am a carnivore) with garlic and rosemary and popped it into the oven. Then I did some more dishes.

We were expecting company around 1pm, so I made an appetizer (Hitipi with pita chips) and set it out. Company arrived (Mom, Mom-in-law, Grandpa, Great Grandma, and Brant). Marcus was napping, but the rest of us ate around 2pm. Except Athena, who has suddenly decided she doesn't like potatoes (or peas, or lamb, or... as it turns out... dessert). I had a glass of wine, which was probably a mistake with my head cold, so after the meal, I wanted nothing but a nap.

Mom and Mom-in-law did most (but not all) of the dishes allowing Chris and me to rest and Brant kept the kids entertained (Marcus was awake by now).

The rest of the evening has been fairly low-key. Athena and Marcus are watching Dora and then Diego and then they are off to bed. I have to finish putting laundry away, do some MORE dishes, then I plan to be in bed by 9pm. I also will pack for my trip tonight. I don't leave until Tuesday, but I might as well get it done so I can enjoy my evening with the kids tomorrow.

And that was my Easter.


Jason said...

Lamb...on Easter? Seeing as how Jesus was often called "the lamb", I can't decide if that's appropriate or wildly inappropriate ("this is my body...")

Why not serve rabbit and save money by not having to buy any more gifts from the Easter bunny?

eaf said...

I cannot bring myself to eat rabbit. Lamb, yes. Rabbit, no. I can't explain it. Probably the "soft" factor.

I saw it more as serving the pagan end of the holiday... sacrificing a lamb and all. Tasty, too, I might add.