Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Alive! It's Alive!

Today is a glorious day. For today, a friend came over and looked at my father-in-law's car. Not only did he look at it, but he got it running. This is step one in what I hope will be a short process to rid ourselves of said car.

Don't get me wrong... it's a great little car. But it moved into our garage almost four years ago when Chris' dad passed away, and it's been tied up in The Suck (the estate) since then. We haven't touched it, except to pile crap on it and to kick it whenever I realized that I could have lots more usable storage space if a car that isn't mine wasn't rotting away in my garage.

Fortunately, it did not rot. And I believe I have two possible homes for it once it is fixed up. It needs a good deal of general maintenance, as you can imagine, but said friend was able to drive it to the gas station and back, and fill the tires without serious ramifications.

It's now up to Chris to finalize the paperwork and get it to the mechanic in town. I will be in Minnesota next week for a conference, but I have faith that when I return, I will once again have a garage.

Let the Spring Cleaning begin! Woot!


Jessica said...

Huzzah! It's an Easter miracle!!

Jason said...

No cheating, now. Spring cleaning does NOT mean that everything you are tired of looking at gets piled in the garage.

eaf said...

On the contrary... we can now turn our garage into usable storage space... like finally hanging up the wreath container I bought two years ago and getting all our wreathes off a shelf and using the shelf for something more storage-like. AND, when the community decides to have another yard sale, I will be able to FIND the stuff I have out there ready to sell.

Oh, the happiness!

Jessey: Don't think I didn't notice the whole "coming back from the dead" Easter joke in this. :-)