Sunday, May 28, 2006

Countdown to the Magic

Due to the birth of my second child, we are taking the longest hiatus between pilgrimages to DisneyWorld. (For me, it's a pilgrimage... for Chris, it's a fate he accepted when he said "I Do.") Our last trip was in November, and we were really only in Orlando for a day. The rest of the time we were on the Disney Magic.

So our next trip is scheduled for April 28, 2007. That means it's almost 18 months between trips. I may get the shakes. I've already suggested maybe going for a four-day weekend in October. How totally sad is that? Pixie dust is worse than crack, I tell you.

Anyway, I mention it this far in advance not because I want you to understand how addicted to DisneyWorld I am (and oh, I am addicted), but because, as always, there is an open invitation to anyone I know and even vaguely like to join us. (What good is addiction if you don't try to force it on others, right?) We are going with another family we like to travel with (one of whom considers it a pilgrimage and one of whom considers it a duty of marriage as well). However, Disney is a big place, and last time I checked, anyone can go as long as you fork over the moolah... so if you were thinking of making a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth next year, consider getting there on or around April 28. :-)


Sophie said... girl. Checking in right before Athena turns 3 and becomes a paying guest!

eaf said...

I would comment on how smart you are to figure that out... but I think I already told you my master plan... :-)

Sophie said...

You may have, or it's an old travel agent habit of picking those things up... you wouldn't believe how many parents lied about their kids' ages!!! Since Disney is well aware of this practice, I guess it makes it ok for them to jack up the prices of ALL things Disney related, whether it be merchandise, food, shows, etc... But then again, can you put a price tag on magic and pixie dust?

Jessey said...

I had no idea that under 3 was free at Disneyland....

I am going to SoCal this summer and now I may have to take my baby to Disneyland, just because she's free.
I've been to D-land many many many times. I grew up an hour and a half away, give or take, LA traffic.
But my Elizabeth has never for thought.