Monday, May 01, 2006

Baby Talk

MARCUS: So, uh, you want to go get a latte?

ELISE: Sure, although I prefer espresso, if that's okay.

MARCUS: Great! I'll drive.

ELISE: Okay, but can we wait until you can see over the wheel?

MARCUS: Okay. If you think that's important.

ELISE: Besides, this vibrating chair is pretty comfy.

MARCUS: Good point. Posted by Picasa


Sophie said...

**still laughing**

That's hilarious (and so true!)

Bern said...

That is sooo cute!!!

Jessey said...

Ah, I love little cutie babies!
Little cuties with funny subtitles, even BETTER!

A Girl From Texas said...

Cute cute cute!!!! You're little ones are what I like to call "scoopupable".

I dated a guy who had an adorable 3 year old and I used to tell her that as I gathered her up in my arms and kissed her all over her face.