Sunday, December 07, 2008

We Need a Little Christmas... Wait, No We Don't

I have totally screwed myself this year as far as the holidays go. Really. Starting with the Disney trip in October, it has been a 90mph luge event since then.

I have managed to purchase about six gifts... the ones for my kids' teachers. Other than that... nada. Chris and I bought something for Marcus at the hockey game earlier this week, but then found that grandma had made an identical purchase. Ours will now become the backup for when he loses parts of the first one.

Anyhoo... here is what our calendar has looked like since Disney... (each bullet is a different weekend)

  • Elizabeth works (which means Chris gets laundry done and barely hangs on to his sanity. Nothing much else can get done, as the kids stomp all over him).
  • Chris and Elizabeth go to High Point for their "anniversary trip" at a gaming convention, where they spend precisely four waking hours together within about 48 hours. Kids stay with grandma, though. That's a bonus.
  • "Free" weekend to pack and prepare for the upcoming onslaught.
  • Thanksgiving weekend, in which we go to Richmond, VA; Warrenton, VA; and back home, then I work Saturday and Sunday.
  • Elizabeth works (again)
  • Elizabeth is at Disney World (where she will obviously have to do some Christmas shopping)
  • Elizabeth works (again)
  • Christmas


Friends told me recently that Chris and I run around so much... we're so busy... they don't know how we do it. I'll tell you how we do it...

Our house is a cluttered disaster. There are dishes in our sink at least 50% of the time. There is always laundry on the floor. Beds are only made once a week when I change the sheets. Our house is total chaos.

Chris and I agreed last night that this simply HAS to change. We cannot live like this. So I have five days off for Christmas. At least two of those should be kid-free as I will use the daycare for every last penny we pay them. I am going to roll up my sleeves, organize the house, and be sure systems are in place so it doesn't happen again.

Either that, or I'm going to be running to the stores to buy presents and wrap them.

And putting up the tree.

And taking down the Halloween decorations.



Jessica said...

My house is always a mess too, it's ok.I'll clean when Ben moves out.

Jason said...

I wonder what the heck is so nice about Disney World that makes it worth all that.

eaf said...

Yeah. I admit this trip is at an inopportune time. Not going to do it again if I can help it. Unfortunately, since I'm going down for a fan convention, I had no say in what the dates would be.