Friday, December 19, 2008

My Inner Child Runs the Place

I have another opportunity to go to Disney--this time to see the marathon. I say "opportunity" because seriously, I wasn't planning to go, and two friends invited me to bunk in with them. It's an event I've always wanted to see, and now I'll know someone who is running. (Technically, she's running the half-marathon, but it's still a long freaking run). They invited me partially to save some money on their hotel stay presumably, but also because I'm just gosh darn fun to be around. Especially at Disney.

I'm kicking the idea around, and until tonight, was almost certain I would go. But I'm having second thoughts now. After all, I was just there this week. Monday, to be exact, and three weeks from today, I'd be smack in the middle of this upcoming trip. It's another trip without my kids or my husband. And really, at this point, I am not in need of another vacation. I am quite recharged and back on my feet.

But still, the lure is there. Disney World is my happy place. Most people don't get that. Several friends are launching an intervention, as they feel I have a serious problem. And honestly, I suppose I do. These friends that invited me... they get it. And hanging at Disney with people who "get it" is truly appealing.

So now I struggle. Do I act like a responsible adult, save the money (a small amount compared to any normal Disney trip), and stay home with my family? Or do I continue to let my inner child run free? Sure, it's important to be a responsible adult, but I have tons of responsibility day to day, and it's really nice to let go of it every once in a while. I don't ever want to become an uptight fussbag just because I lose touch with what it's like to ... well... lose touch.

My vices are few. I indulge in an alcoholic beverage from time to time. I stuff myself with fine food when I can. I'm tragically addicted to diet sodas. And I have Disney as my only drug of choice. Not bad, all things considered. And way cheaper than cocaine in the long run.

At least I can say that this decision is difficult to make. I'm not leaping carelessly nor am I saying "no" simply because it's the responsible thing to do. Chris has given me until tomorrow night to decide, because if I don't go, he is going out to buy my Christmas present Sunday morning. If I go, that's my Christmas present.

There are people out there trying to decide if they can afford to eat, and here I am mulling over whether or not to go to Disney. Again.

I suck.


Anonymous said...

I think you have a problem. Granted, I've been to the Disneyland more, and perhaps if I had access to Disneyworld, which I've been to only once and admit was more fun b/c there's more to do, maybe I'd want to go all the time too. But, if Chris isn't saying "Hell no, woman!" I say go. Because one day, I'm sure, he'll "Hell no, woman!" and add a "F**k that!" to boot. So I say take advantage while he's willing to be taken advantage of.

Sophie said...

Just go, already!

Jason said...

You gotta do what you gotta do. Three times in 90 days and two of them without your family is a bit of an alarming statistic, though.

Don't mind any of our opinions, though. Chris's opinion is the one that really matters.

eaf said...

*sigh* And you all once again prove what a damn fine man Chris is. One friend told me that if Chris lets me go on this trip, then he will actually qualify for Sainthood.

Chris will support me in whatever decision I make. Even if it's a decision where he comes out getting somewhat shat upon.

With all that said... I am still pretty sure I'm going to go. I suck even more now.

Staci said...

Vegas is my happy place. If I had the opportunity to go to Vegas 3 times in 90 days, I'd do it! Besides, dont you get frequent visitor mouse ears or a free "I Drank the Kool-aid" sign? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Chris isn't stupid. He's probably saving this all up for some later, as-yet-to-be-determined trip or purchase of his own, and when you doth protest, he will bring this up and watch joyfully as your face crumples with the knowledge that you are SOL and he gets what he wants.

eaf said...

Amy... I am frightened at how well you understand Chris' personality. Seriously.

Staci... "I drank the kool-aid. HAHAHAHA."

All of you, flight is getting booked tonight.

Chris said...

The current thought is the Sunday-night hockey league at the RecZone. Comparable price and I get extra skating time a day I can actually have the time to do it.

We'll see though. :-)