Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We lovingly refer to Marcus as "Young MC" or "MC MC." This is not because we have aspirations of him becoming the worlds next great white rapper -- though if he wants to make millions and support us for the rest of his life, I'm totally down with it. But honestly, it's just cute, because his initials are MC. However... it seems that at least part of the rapper lifestyle has become his hallmark. He has an entourage.

Young MC is fond of his zebra. For several months, he carried Zebra everywhere. So I bought him a second, with the idea that while one is in the wash, he'd still have one. Unfortunately, about two weeks into having two Zebras in the house, he discovered the second, and he then began insisting on having TWO Zebras with him at all times. As time marched on, he added random stuffed toys to this group... most notably, Mickey Mouse, Tigger, and various and sundry bears.

But it couldn't stop there. As his hockey fixation grew, so did his fixation with "hockey blanket"--a quilt-type blanket one of my mom's friends made for him when he was born. And of course, where there is a blanket, so must a pillow go.

Every morning, when Marcus wakes up, he totters into our room with full entourage. Sometimes it takes two trips, mind you, but before he will climb into bed with us, he assaults me with pillow and blanket, then adds Zebra one and Zebra two... then whatever other hangers on he has deemed worthy to start the day with him. Only then will he climb in and settle down, pressing his ice cold toes against my warm back.

The entourage also must watch television with him, and occasionally even makes it downstairs for breakfast. Explaining that his entire entourage cannot join him at school today is just another hurdle we have to jump in our daily routine.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as he gets older. Will he have a gang of friends that he is ALWAYS seen with? Along with a few stragglers who sometimes make the cut and sometimes don't, depending on Young MC's mood? We'll be watching.


Sophie said...

Oh my, Elise is the same way, when she attacks our bedroom at 5am. Her entourage consists of "Mr. Bird Pillow", Titi, her baby doll and various accessories (stroller, crib, ...), Monster, and "Other Elliott" (a clown-blanket thing that she stole from her brother and named "other elliott"). Then, she also hauls her sippy cup, and her blanket and proceeds to invade my side of the bed completely, while kicking Brian in the back. Now I know why people buy King size beds. If only I had known...

Bern said...

Sophie, wait till Elliott takes his haul into bed with you guys too. Then you will really need a King-size bed :)

Jamie said...

The wait and see what happens when he's older theory will be interesting. My dear Sofie, lover of stuffies, often lines up a row of either stuffies or Pokemon characters to watch TV with her...depending on what's she's watching. She'll also bring in an animal or two with her if she get's in bed with me in the mornings. She's 8! So, you may have a few more years of Young MC's entourage.