Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Stand Corrected

As we crossed the parking lot at daycare this morning, Athena turned around and started walking backwards. (No cars were coming, don't worry). She beamed at me and the following conversation ensued:

Athena: Mommy, look at what I can do!
Me: Yes, Athena, that is awesome.
Athena: *beam*
Me: Watch out for the step up!
Athena: *turning around so she doesn't fall and bust her bum* Was that good, Mommy?
Me: Yes, Athena. You have some serious backward-walking skills!
Athena: I have one HUNDRED of skills!
Me: You have MAD skillz!
Athena: *after a thoughtful pause* No, Mommy! Not MAD skills! HAPPY skills!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Ha ha ha!

This reminds me of MY Elizabeth...she was going on and on about something the other day and her Aunt Amy said "Oh yeah, that sounds *just great*"

And Elizabeth said "Yeah, I know!"

And I turned to Amy and said, "She doesn't *get* sarcasm yet"