Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vote on the Next Caran Vacation

Before kids, Chris and I started a project. We decided we wanted to see our hockey team play in every NHL arena. There are only 30, and we figured it was as good a way as any to see parts of the US and Canada we might never see. Unfortunately, it does mean going to cold places in the winter, but I think we can suck it up and deal.

We had a couple of really good years where we knocked out five "foreign" arenas on two coasts (Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Jose, New Jersey, and Nassau C. on Long Island). Then the kids started gestating and being born, and we had to put things on hold. Still, that's one fifth of the arenas done. There are still some close by, and some not so close.

I now have a $50 credit on Southwest, and in the bad economy, we thought we might be able to get some good deals on travel. So we're thinking that we'll restart our project in 2009 with a long weekend somewhere. So... here are the possibilities. Which should we do?

Sat., Feb. 7 at Phoenix Coyotes - we could perhaps visit Jessey, but we'd want to take the kids, and that's a long flight. Still, we've never been to Phoenix.

Sun., Feb 15 at Buffalo - I've never seen the falls. And this is a big rivalry.

Sat., Feb 28 at Atlanta - This is close enough we could drive in a year where we didn't have plane fare. Also, Chris and I were just there in September. So I'm obviously not as interested in this.

Sat., Mar 7 at Tampa - Um, yeah... I'd totally make us go to Disney World if we did this. I'm just sayin'... it's only 90 miles or so.

Sat., Mar 14 at Washington, DC - Again, we can drive here, although if it's between Atlanta and Washington, I'd pick Washington. Lots for the kids to do there and we have lots of family and friends around there.

So which should we do? What do you think?


Brant said...

DC is easier than Atlanta. Better public transportation once you get there. :)

Oh, and the falls will be COLD that time of year.

Jessica said...

Well, of course I'm biased, but I'd totally go to Phoenix if I were you. It won't be cold at all plus we could meet up somewhere like the awesome Phoenix Zoo!

jdonnenf said...

I'd go to the warmest place - Tampa or Phoenix, I guess. Forget Buffalo in the winter!

Bern said...

I'd vote for Phoenix. Just because it is always fun to go to someplace you have not been before.
And you'll be able to meet Jessey! How cool is that!

eaf said...

I also vote for the warm places... BUT... I don't want to save all the cold places for last. And unfortunately, this is hockey season we are talking about. Buffalo is going to be cold no matter what. Although I do think perhaps we could wait until we have a MARCH game in Buffalo before we go there. Or even October.

Sophie said...

Buffalo would be cold, but at least, the kids would get to see real snow for once... and you know that would get them excited. And if they don't behave, you can always threaten to toss them down the falls in a barrel... :)

Not to mention, I have a lot of connections up there.