Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bombs and Back Ends

This has been a bad week for me sort of all around.

On Sunday morning, I came down with the stomach virus that sent my kids home the previous Friday. This would have been okay, except the day before, while I was at work, Chris managed to sprain his ankle really badly, so neither of us were really capable of taking care of the kids. However, Chris was very kind and allowed me to sleep for a couple of hours in the morning anyway, before I headed into work. Even though I know I should, I often don't take sick time when I need it, because I hate to let people down. Plus I have three large projects due at the end of next week, and several smaller things along the way, and I'm pretty far behind at the moment. I suspect I will be taking some sick time this week, anyway, however... but more on that later.

So the stomach virus clung to me all week. Monday was a half-day for me at work, so I went to BJ's at noon to get some groceries, then went home and collapsed. Chris even picked up the kids at daycare so I wouldn't have to go back out again, despite his now black and blue right foot. The sleep helped, but not really enough. I did go to my craft night, as I had not had an incident all afternoon, and I got through it. But I was really uncomfortable and had a hard time concentrating. I left much earlier than I suspect I would have had all been well.

Tuesday night I had to work, so I had the morning off. My plan was to fold the laundry (still in baskets from Sunday), then pay bills, and collapse until I had to be at work at noon. Those were my plans until at 8:30 I remembered that BEFORE I got sick, I made plans to get my car tuned up at ... YIPES ... 8:30. So I tore over to the dealership with a book and a small cross stitch project and hunkered down in front of Regis and Kelly for an hour.

Fortunately, my car needed little more than an oil change (although the next check-up is at 90,000, which is a hugely expensive service) and I was on my way back home. I got to sleep for about an hour, then headed into work.

I actually did get a little done on my projects, but Tuesday night was quite busy because all our afternoon volunteers had been unable to come in. Therefore, we were still processing the books that came through the courier until about 8pm. (Normally that's done around 5pm). So not a lot accomplished in my "librarian" work, but lots in my "clerical" work. Fortunately, I enjoy clerical work a lot, so the evening went by quickly and I was able to get through it again without incident.

Wednesday, I had a pretty big meeting in the afternoon, and all morning I was quite ill at work. I almost went home, but I had two appointments that morning, and each one was spaced just right that they showed up before I could cancel on them. It was just as well, because I knocked two more things out of my to-do list. Of course, I added about 10, but I'm trying not to think about that. I then went to the meeting, despite my illness, because I felt it was important. And it was. Although perhaps sleeping off the rest of this virus would have been more beneficial.

Thursday morning, I go in feeling significantly (although not completely) better. I have realized by now that the main thing that is continuing to upset my stomach is the soda I sip on all day. A little soda with a meal is okay, but that in-between stuff was tearing my stomach up. So I cut back on soda for the rest of the week, which meant awesome caffeine-deprivation headaches. WOOT!

Anway, Thursday meant all morning in a meeting. A productive one, but again, not productive regarding my now enormous to-do list and my looming deadlines... only a week away suddenly. After the meeting, I carefully eat some lunch, then I hit my desk to settle in to work. (Bonus: on Wednesday, we got all new chairs in the building... a late step in the renovation project. I got a fantastic chair that adjusts every which way and is very comfortable. I even like the fabric covering the chair. Awesome.)

Anyway, I'm plowing away at my task list, feeling like I might just get something accomplished, when one of my staff members tells me there is a bomb threat in the men's bathroom. He takes me there, and sure enough, written in large letters on our recently scrubbed tile walls is a pretty scary threat. The rest of the afternoon involves police, evacuations, building sweeps, and making arrangements for security for the rest of the week into the weekend. I was exhausted.

Thursday night, my neighbor was expecting me for a Southern Living Home Show. I bought a gift for a friend, came home, and got quite sick. Again. The tail end of the virus seems to just create large amounts of gas that simply build in your abdomen until you look like a blueberry person... without the blue. I was miserable. Chris was none too pleased either.

I finally managed to return to my normal size and lie down. End Thursday.

Friday arrived, and I swore there would be work accomplished. And there was. But I had to leave early to hit the family tea party at the daycare. Despite the fact that Marcus pretty much ignored me and played with daddy only, I served as a surrogate to Megan (Aiden's sister) since her parents couldn't make it at all. We smilled and giggled and played with a ball and she didn't even spit up on me. Things are looking up.

After the tea, Kathryn and I plus one other librarian from the system piled in my car to head to Greensboro for the premiere of The Hollywood Librarian. We made good time to the big city, so I took my friends past my old home... the little house that I love so much and still rib Chris for making me sell it. They agreed that it was adorable.

What follows is a bit of a comedy of errors in which I searched for a restaurant despite knowing exactly where it was (long story) and I got rear-ended by a car full of young men who were actually young enough to be my children, assuming I'd had a teen pregnancy. I was making a left onto a sidestreet where I could park and walk to said restaurant, when suddenly I was tagged in the rear right side of the bumper. The driver was really nice and knew that his life was pretty much over, insurance-wise, but he agreed to let me call the cops. I felt bad doing it to him, but I was out of town, and didn't need the hassle of tracking him down and getting him to pay for a new bumper. Besides, he admitted that he probably couldn't afford the bumper, as the last time I replaced it (last year), it was about $1K. So now, I can add dealing with an insurance claim to my enormous list.

The movie was quite good, but we didn't get out until 10pm, and the drive back is over an hour. By the time I dropped off my companions and tucked myself in, it was midnight. I barely even mumbled to Chris, despite not having seen him much all week, because I was so tired.

Now you are up to date. And now I must begin to get shit done. If I don't accomplish something today, I may actually have a heart attack... at the very least, an ulcer.


zee said...

You must rest! Forget all that stuff you were scheduled to do today. And I support you decision to cut back on soda. It is a good decision. Replace your soda sucking with a good ol bottle of water. I know it sounds boring compared to soda. Believe me, I went through exactly the same thing. I used to have a soda intake of 5-6 a day. I now drink only one soda a day. Bonus: you lose weight when you do this. You can still get caffeine from drinking green tea but it is gentler on the tum tum.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I am tired now.