Saturday, September 01, 2007

Getting Around To It

The thing about life is, I can never quite seem to get around to it. I've always got "something better to do." And lately, I really feel that I am playing catch up.

After a summer with the library closed, I thought that by the time we moved back in (around mid-July), I would have all my evaluations written (I have to write five, which is more than I have had to write since I worked at Dialog... and there I had to write ten, interspersed through the year... no more than one per month). I also thought I would have all my collection development projects done (I got 1.3 of them done and I only had two, really, not including the weeding I wanted to do, which I did precisely 1/1000 of). And then, on top of that, I expected that my to-do list would be minimal and manageable so I could focus on the craziness that comes with reopening (this month, we think we checked in about 25-30% more than we normally do in August since everyone saved up all their books all summer and dumped them on us).

So I still had to help with the general craziness of the month, AND I had to write four evaluations (at least I got one done over the summer) AND I had to do .7 of a collection development project (which I still have to do) AND my to-do list is growing exponentially while I basically try to keep my head above water.

Fortunately, this past week, I completed my evals and I can now focus on whittling down the to-do list. It's going to be slow, but at least now there is light at the end of the tunnel. The month has been so stressful that several people have commented on my "orneryness" and several others have avoided me altogether. But hopefully they will come back, now that I've returned from the dark side. I did have a little relapse last night when my husband, who has finally become motivated (as I have) to keep the house clean, reminded me how to do the dishes last night. Needless to say, whether his intentions were good or not, I was so mad I couldn't see straight.

I still have been working on organizing the house, and we're hoping to ask Chris' mom to watch the kids for a few hours this weekend so we can go through the bajillion toys they have and dispose of some and organize the rest. We also have to paint new numbers on our mailbox (should have done it years ago) and lower Marcus' crib. I did manage to get our new toy bin assembled on my day off on Friday in between trips to BJs and the grocery store, AND I managed to change our return filters, which -- judging from the amount of dust on them -- had not been done in at least six months. Added that to my to-do list for next month so we don't go so long this next time.

So, hey! I guess this means I HAVE accomplished something. Yay!

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Jessica said...

It's totally the little victories that make a difference. You know, it all adds up!
My *wonderful* husband also helpfully reminds me how to do dishes AND laundry...though, he himself cannot remember that dirty stinky socks go INTO the hamper and not on the floor by the living room TV.
Go figure.

On the note of accomplishment...I cleaned our in-window AC filters (so disgusting!) and replaced the True-Air filters ON TIME! Whoo hoo! You'd think I could do that all the time seeing as how you only have to change them thrice a year!
I also reorganized one cabinet shelf in the kitchen AND tossed out all the half-eaten, 100% stale bags of chips from the pantry!