Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poop Happens

It has finally happened. I have had it up to HERE with poop. Lately, it seems everything in our house revolves around the vile stuff. Poop has never been my favorite subject to begin with, and here I am, BLOGGING about it.

New Cat: poop in the litter box.
Older Toddler: potty training (training is the operative word here)
Younger Toddler: NOT potty training... just pooping
Training Potty: Chamber pot in which someone poops and someone else has to clean it up
Bad Diapering: Poop everywhere from clothing to car seat
Fancy Scandinavian Diaper Pail: Improperly installed bags that don't receive poop properly
Apple Juice: Soft messy poop
Cheese Sandwiches: Big hard poop
Artificial Coloring in Foods: Multicolored poop

I HATE POOP! Make it stop!


Anonymous said...

Ha, poop! Maybe you can make Athena help you clean up the potty training potty poop?

eaf said...

Yes, and risk having poop all over the bathroom. I've considered it... but then I think I'd rather just empty out the chamber pot.

Bern said...

Atleast Hector is not on the poop list :)

eaf said...

Hector is not on the list at all. Since Hermione has arrived, he has only come in twice, and not in the last three days. I think we've lost him. I'm considering asking someone else to take Hermione. I miss him, and she is terribly skittish around the kids.

Anonymous said...

Well, I meant with your supervision, of course.

eaf said...

Oh, supervision prevents no spills. When you are a mother, this will be your mantra. Along with several other things, like "I hate poop."

eaf said...

Guess what, everybody?! Marcus AND Athena came home early from daycare today. Why? Poop! Or as the professionals say... Loose BM thrice in a day sends the kiddies home!