Monday, October 01, 2007

Still Sick

When I went to Urgent Care yesterday, it was the first step in admitting I had a problem. What had simply been inconvenient was now painful, and I began to worry about the state of my gall bladder. My mother had stones removed at age 38, and although I'm not there yet, I couldn't help but worry.

They gave me something for the pain and something else for nausea. When I discovered that I would really have to do the drug route in order to become functional again, I decided to not go in to work today. I hate taking sick time, but I do it when absolutely necessary. I "worked" all through last week while sick, and although I did accomplish a little, I decided that although my task list is long, if I can get better, I could do much more in much less time and under much more comfortable circumstances.

So, I'm sleeping, reading, and folding laundry. I'm about to go attempt to eat. Tonight is the start of Athena's third round of swim lessons and Chris is in Fayetteville for training all this week. He's coming home each night, but it's a solid hour of a commute, so I'll be doing the kid duty tonight.

Only fair, since I've been of no use to him or the kids for the last seven days...


Jason said...

It's a whole lot better to go to the doctor and stay home for a couple of days than it is to go to the office and be less than productive and infect all your co-workers.

Even your day-care sends the kids home when they get sick.

eaf said...

I know. But I have this weird belief that I'm never contagious. I have no idea why I think that. Logic tells me it's wrong.

Rationalization, I suppose.

Jessica said...

Ugh! I hope you start feeling better sooooon.
I too am never contagious...others are always contagious, but I am in a magical bubble!

Anonymous said...

I go into work when I'm sick too, but I also try not to interact with people so how can I infect them? No socialization, no infection. Everybody wins.

eaf said...

Yeah... kind of hard not to talk to people when you are on a reference desk. Two more have gone home sick from the library, although I haven't seen one of them in two weeks, so that one can't be me! The other one... maybe.

I worked tonight anyway. Someone has to be there to answer questions... I cannot stand to short-staff people.

If I don't wake up normal tomorrow, it's back to the doctor for me. Yippee!

Bern said...

Get well soon you! Hope no more doctors for you.

I hate having to go to the doctor too. I always think "Well, maybe I'll get better before having to go see the doc"
But that never happens.