Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting in the Spooky Spirit

Tonight is the annual Ezzell family Halloween party, so we are going. First chance for the kids to try out their costumes and all. And I think this year I'll pull out the old "Ancient Noble" toga and stole a friend made me several years ago for a LARP (Live Action Role Play -- if you don't know, don't ask. I know that doesn't work well in the military, but it works well here). This will be the first year in probably 5 that I have worn a costume. I'm pretty excited about it.

Anyhoo, I need to purchase a rope to tie the thing (I think I borrowed one last time) and I may need to buy some sort of white shorts or skirt or something, as apparently when I first wore it at 27, the slits at the side of the thing didn't end at the tippy top of my leg. Either that, or I didn't care... I also saw some bad wigs at the costume shop the other day, so I may splurge on one to give myself long, curly hair tonight.

Athena is stoked to be going as Belle tonight. She briefly changed her mind early in the week and thought she would be Cinderella. I nixed that quickly. The main problem at the moment is that I can't find her freaking Belle shoes. Sleeping Beauty: check. Cinderella: check. Ariel: check. Belle: MIA. Of course. May go to Toys R Us and see what they have today. Does it piss me off that I might have to buy her ANOTHER pair of dress up shoes. Yup. Will I do it to avoid the temper tantrum that is sure to come if she doesn't have shoes to match her dress? Youuuuuuuu betcha!

I offered Chris my dad's old lab coat so he could be a mad scientist, but he muttered something about being a hockey player... which is no more original than the mad scientist, so it will do. Marcus should be the star of the show, as I purchased him a fancy Captain Hook costume at the Disney Store. It's way more than I would normally spend, but since he wears exclusively hand-me-downs (thanks to Aiden and my boss' two sons), I figured I could dig a little deeper for this one. We'll have to get a hook at Toys R Us as well. I didn't feel that the $5 the Disney Store wanted for it was really my best deal. They also had a great hat (feather and all) for $12.50. I skipped it as well (despite the *cough* rock-bottom dollar-store price) since Marcus rarely keeps a hat on his head for more than ten seconds.

We also have to make a "spooky snack." I just did a Google search that netted MANY good ideas. However, I've elected to take the easy way out an make deviled eggs. Cop out, I know, but at least the word "devil" is there. The devil is still pretty spooky, yes?


Jason said...

Top the eggs with a sliced olive so they'll be "Devilled Eyeballs".

Jessica said...

Dang! Jason got here first with my big idea!!!

eaf said...

Ha! I had done it already before I read your comments. Great minds do, indeed, think alike.

Jason said...

Now that there's funny. I don't care who you are.