Thursday, January 25, 2007

Waiting to Zonk

Ah, illness. Such a fantastic blog topic. But when it happens, it's really all you can talk about, isn't it?

Athena gave Marcus and me her cold. Marcus has decided that a cold isn't good enough for him, so he has the nasty infection of the ear. Athena waited until after she turned one to get her first (and only... knock wood) ear infection. Marcus is such an over-achiever!

But considering his constitution, I wasn't surprised at how well he handled his doctor visit today. And actually all the subsequent activities. The little guy is gasping for breath because he is in such pain. But he barely cried the whole time we were out. He only whimpered here and there... most particularly when I would wake him from the sleep he had managed to achieve... first on my shoulder in the exam room (had to wake him when the doctor came in), in the car seat during the 30 second ride to the drug store (had to wake him to go in), when they called our name that his medicine was ready (it wasn't... they just wanted me to pay before they mixed it), when they called our name because his medicine was REALLY ready, and then finally when we got home... twice. Once to get him out of the car, and once to give him his medicine. In the two minutes it took me to pour out the medicine (he now gets the same dose a two year old child would get!!!!), he had taken off his socks and zonked belly down on the carpet in the den right in front of the TV, which was blasting Dora at the time.

I put him down at 5:30 and there has been narry a snuffle from him. I have the Motrin upstairs at the ready in case he awakes in the middle of the night. But I have taken a Sudafed (the REAL kind that they have to keep behind the counter now in case I wanted to buy a case and make Crystal Meth in my kitchen) so I may not hear him if he does. I was trying to avoid medicating myself for precisely this reason, but when I tried to lie down about an hour ago, the pressure in my head was too much.

So here I sit... waiting for it to hit me. Waiting... waiting... *sigh*


Jessica said...

A) Ear infections are the worst, I hate them. They are proof that the devil exists.

2) Poor poor baby Marcus! He's a tough one though. The best thing for them when they get sick is sleeeeeeep, and they seem to know it too.

and D)I so hate that normal, regular, non-drug abusing people who just HAPPEN to have raging recurrent sinus infections have to flash two forms of ID, say a secret code and do the Truffle Shuffle just to get the ding dang medicine they need!
Who even does crystal meth anymore? How lame. The new cool drug you make from actual medicine is codeine cough syrup mixed with soda and Jolly Rancher candy - aka sizzurp

eaf said...

Wow! That sounds kind of yummy. And at this point I could consider it medicinal.

Staci said...

If it makes you feel any better, Jubilee is right there with you and Marcus. She is as stuffed up as can be and pouring snot like a faucet. Dont you hate it when you dont catch it in time and it seeps right over their lip into their mouth? YUM