Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Da Do Do Do, Da Da Da Da

Best. News. Ever.


And did you see that mention of a possible REUNION TOUR?! I am so there.

Okay, and here is where you will either think I'm a goob or a dork.

The Grammys are February 11. That is the day in 1984 that I met Andy Summers in person. He was doing a book signing. My friend and I couldn't afford his book, but we got to sort of sneak through with someone who bought a few copies. I was thirteen. Ever since then, February 11 has been a very good/lucky day for me. It actually was the day of my first kiss in 1985. It's also right around the time Chris started courting me.

Man. How cool is that? (And if you don't think that I am a dork yet, then let me share that I, too, collect state quarters...)


Jessica said...

They walk alike...they talk alike...at times they even dork alike.....


Sophie said...

Where's the dork sign up sheet?

**card carrying dork**

Anonymous said...

ABBA was sad to read your blog and realize that its reunion wouldn't be the best news ever.