Monday, January 15, 2007

Farewell, Old Friend

I had minor oral surgery today. I had some sort of cyst or tumor (they are giving it the old biopsy to be sure -- but they are 99% sure it's benign) that has been under my gum tissue, on top of the bone for at least 15 years now. I've been living with it since college. It didn't hurt. Never really bothered me. I just knew it as "the lump in my gum."

It was below "number 19" for those of you who minored in dentistry. For the rest of us, that's on the lower left set of teeth, around the middle. I went to the dentist last week, and they noticed it had changed a bit (which it has not done in the past 15 years, really) so they sent me to the oral surgeon. He extracted it, leaving me with a hole in my gum, some gauze, and a little bottle of Hydrocodone. I came home, took four Advil, took a nap, and woke up with a bit of pain, but nothing serious. I decided to wait until Chris's mom got here for dinner before I took the good stuff. I prefer not to take the really powerful stuff as I am kind of anti-drugs in general (although trust me... I do take them when I need to).

So I've taken the good stuff, I've put the kids to bed. And now I'm hanging out waiting for the drowsy to kick in. I don't think it's going to. But I'm waiting anyway. At least the pain is gone.

I'm supposed to keep gauze on it for 24 hours. But I've discovered that the gauze just makes it hurt. So Chris called a friend who is an EMT. Here was our conversation:

Mommy Librarian: So I took the gauze out so I could eat.

EMT: Uh huh

ML: And it felt fine

EMT: Yeah

ML: So then I put the gauze back in and it started to hurt. Bad.

EMT: Then take it out.

ML: What?

EMT: If it hurts, stop doing it!

ML: Oh

The man is brilliant, I'm telling you.

He went on to explain that if the gauze was irritating it, then there was no point in using it. It would just stay inflamed and angry. So, I'm gauzeless and loving it.

It's going to be weird not to have that lump in my gum anymore. They told me what the thing looked like. I almost asked to see it, but then I thought it might just gross me out. Still, it all felt a bit weird... I've lived with it for so long.

What a way to spend my holiday, eh? Back to the grind tomorrow... all puns intended.


Jason said...

Oral surgery today...and back to the ol' grind tomorrow. And you say you hate puns!

Jessey said...
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Jessey said...

oh wah tah too lye yam

What did they say it looked like?

That is such a cliffhanger!!!!!!

Do you write for "Lost"????

Sophie said...

No, if she were writing for Lost, she would have to repeat her previous post, then re-post this one, then publish two new posts, repeat this one, then give us a recap of all the blog entries she's ever written (all jumbled together) and finally, have us re-read her entire blog from the very first time.

Now, where is the closest "Lost fan anger management center"??

eaf said...


It looked like a jellyfish. I was only leaving that out because I've been known to gross people out and thought that might be a bit much.

I do kind of regret that I didn't look at it.

Jamie said...

As a Dental Assistant in a former life, yes, I did that pre and post college and pre grad school. I'm chock full o' dental knowledge!! I'll send you an email about the gauze and hole that needs protecting. (I don't want to gross out the readers of ML!!)

Jessey said...

LOL Sophie...

Don't forget, she'd introduce a bunch of new characters, get rid of ones we liked (and just sort of drop their storyline entirely, though it seeeeeemed instrumental to the whole program, like say, oh, I don't know, one day, Blammo, Athena moved more Athena stories, but here's Chuck!)

Friggin lost...

Sorry about your jellyfish cyst BTW. ;)

Sophie said...

Good point, Jessey.

EAF - Speaking of which, wasn't Chuck the name of your pregnancy body pillow?

eaf said...

Yup! And Chuck and I still have a very special relationship. Makes my back much happier, that Chuck.

Would never name my kid that though.