Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stop the Madness!

Well, normally when I am away for a week or so, it's because I'm busy, or apathetic, or generally out of touch. Alas, this time, it is because I found the modern-day equivalent of opium... Facebook.

Now that I seem to be fully ensconced in that arena, I can return to life as normal, assuming normal means only checking Facebook every twenty minutes rather than every minute of every day. At least the addiction didn't last quite as long as my Sims Online addiction, which actually verged on rehab-worthy. I'm pleased to say that I have over 40 friends and feel pretty good about that number. I even found some old skool friends from way back in the day. Made me feel pretty old, actually.

Anyhoo... I'm laying out of work today with Chester McWheezy. I took him to the doctor thinking they'd tell me I was a good mom for worrying about him so, but really... it's just a cold... he'll be fine.

Instead, what I got was my favorite doctor in the practice studying him with a VERY concerned expression, listening to his labored breaths, and finally announcing that he feels we need to try Albuterol. Not that he's asthmatic, necessarily (it's too early to know that for sure), but we really need to get him, you know, breathing again.

They did this even though his blood oxygen level was still at around 98 percent, so I was a bit puzzled. Marcus trooped through it, a little bothered by the mask, but adjusting quickly and sitting still for the whole thing. He's breathing better, napping now, and the doctor wants to see him again in two days to see if the albuterol is still working and whether or not he may need something more long term. He sent me home with a loaner nebulizer and the medicine required. Bleh.

Regardless, they said I could take him back to daycare tomorrow, as he really does only seem to have a cold at this point, and that is probably (not definitely) what is causing his chest to tighten. So fortunately, I'm not missing tons of work. I am actually going in for my evening shift tonight, so I'm only out four sick hours for today. I got the bills paid as well, which is always a joy.

Come visit me on Facebook and friend me. I promise to only send you a few pieces of flair and I'll probably turn you into a vampire, but other than that, I'll leave you alone. Maybe.


Jessica said...

Hmmm...I'm no doctor, but I play one on my blog. Ha ha...no really.

I'm sure if the doc thinks albuterol is good, it's probably a good thing. Side effects are minimal. Though I too would be confused with such high O2 sats. 98% is damn fine.
Does Marcus "Chesty" McWheeze actually have stridor (wheezing) or retractions (pulling in at the ribs when he breathes in)?

eaf said...

He did before the albuterol. (More the retractions than the wheezing, but there was some wheezing involved). It was much better after. Apparently he is so mighty that he can strain all to hell to get the breath in, but when he gets it, he freakin USES it!

Honest to God, the doctor looked at him and said, "Is he three?"

I said, "No, he's just barely this side of two."

He replied, "Geez, he's big for two."

Tell me about it.

Jessica said...

Gah! I hear that ALL the time.
"Wow, he's a big boy!"
Yeah, I know!
Thank god for C-sections!

Now I understand why they gave him the albuterol. Retractions are serious business. The docs don't like 'em. Means the kids working too hard to breathe. His O2 sats being high even with retractions is GREAT!
he is a mighty boy!

I have to watch Dylan for those retractions everytime he gets sick.
Luckily we own a nebulizer. Oh yeah, it's ours.
So we just have to get replacement tubing and medicine on occasion.

eaf said...

Tonight was his last (we hope) dose of the Albuterol. Chris takes him in tomorrow morning for the follow-up, and I can see a HUGE improvement.

Athena is jealous as hell though. "That's COOL! I wish I had a new medicine with a mask that looks like... um... a BEAR!" (His looks like a dinosaur). I explained that it was NOT cool and she needs to be happy with the occasional Motrin I throw her way.

Staci said...

Ahh... the days of TSO. The hot tub, balthezar, nakey-pizza and the wedding I put on with the dead flowers I forgot to water...

Glad to hear Marcus is doing better.