Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, Yeah. We're Having Fun Now.

So the nebulizer got an extended engagement through Sunday night. We were a little concerned that it still wouldn't be enough, but he was off it all day yesterday and today, and he seems okay. I returned the evil machine this morning and I'm damn glad to be rid of it. I really hope it was nothing. The doctor gave us some antibiotics on Marcus' follow up appointment last Thursday for a possible sinus infection and he loves to take that medicine.

While he's on the mend, we had some horrible times with Athena over the past week. Daycare called me late Thursday morning and suggested I get her to a doctor. She was basically in the bathroom non-stop, screaming her head off, yet had still managed to have four accidents. Long story short, she was constipated... in a major way. On Miralax since then, she is no longer backed up, but it took three full days for that to happen. Fortunately, her misery seemed to lessen after 24 hours... and now it's completely gone. She is once again our happy, tempestuous, giggly, goofy little girl. Actually, she even seems to have an improvement. Two days accident-free now. And there shall be much rejoicing... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Speaking of Monty Python, we are going to see Spamalot! on Friday. Chris and I are going, that is. Grandma is watching the wee ones. I'm in the process of choosing a nice restaurant downtown for us to enjoy a little grown-up time. Raleigh's downtown is rejuvinating, but the area down near the theater still has a way to go. Most of the best restaurants are on the other side of downtown, and a bit far to stroll. I'll let you know where we end up. (And suggestions from folks in the area are welcome).

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