Friday, June 15, 2007

Many Buckles Were Swashed

Wow. I wonder how Johnny Depp felt when he saw his nose blown up to 20 feet tall on the big screen. My vote for best scene ever.

Anyway, Chris and I enjoyed the latest Pirates movie tonight. Loved the ride references too. Sitting in that dark theater hearing "Dead. Men. Tell. No. Taaaaaaaaaaales" made me feel like I was on the ride. Astounding. Athena doesn't want to see the Pirates because "They will bite you!" So Chris and I may have to switch off on that one. Unless Marcus and I make it over to Magic Kingdom on Wednesday before Chris and Athena arrive.

Anyway, I really expected to not like this movie at all, since it's the third in a series, and those are rarely very good. But I was pleasantly surprised. And it's a long movie too... so that's an extra compliment. It takes a lot for me to sit all the way through anything over two hours.

We considered getting ice cream afterwards, but ended up just going and getting the kids. A short date, I suppose, but we had fun.

Oh, and they showed a preview for Ratatouille. We are SO there. Opens my birthday weekend. Woot!


Staci said...

We saw Pirates this weekend as well. Johnny's nose is as sexy as the rest of him!

I was impressed with Keith Richards. I thought his part would be lame and he would be lame doing it. But it was good!

eaf said...

I agree. Although I thought they said he filmed a scene of him falling out of a coconut tree. Bummed that got cut.