Friday, June 01, 2007

Conjunctivitus 4 - Carans 0

As of this morning, we all have The Evil Eye of Pink. Chris was the last to get it. We're hoping we didn't spread it to the Austins this weekend. Lesson Learned: I am stubborn as hell. Okay, well, I knew that... but anyway.

Marcus must have had it last week. I thought it was just an especially bad cold... and I won't go into explaining WHY I thought that... as it involves colors of various body fluids, and you may be eating your breakfast while you read this.

Anyway, we DID start giving him the drops on Friday, just to ensure that if he DID have it (and I didn't think he did), he wouldn't spread it to Elise. However, he must have had it at some point though, because Athena and I woke up with it yesterday, and Chris got it this morning.

Fortunately, we can all use the same medicine... although we need two bottles for the four of us. And since it's new (that is... not generic yet), it's a mere $50 a bottle after insurance. !!! Marcus' pediatrician was nice enough to give me a $40 rebate coupon for one of them, which I am preparing to send off as I type this. (I'm just that good).

The cute side of this... Athena came to work with me for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. She had a glorious time spinning on a chair in the conference room and getting "fizzy." (Dizzy). She also found a stash of stickers I had and decorated herself, me, and various items in the office. And she also ate a half a bag of Skittles (my attempt to ensure she remain quiet and well-behaved).

She actually did REALLY well all day. No one was more surprised than me. Four weeks ago, she was really tempermental, moody, and drastically unpredictable. But about a week ago, she turned into a docile-ish, polite, reasonable-er young lady. It's really wonderful. It gives me hope that Disney Part II will go MUCH better than Part I did.


Jason said...

You are supposed to cast the Shield Charm when someone casts the Conjuntivitus Curse on you!

Chris said...

My daughter is many things, but docile is not one of them. She may have been well-behaved, but I'm not prepared to go with docile quite yet.

eaf said...

I said docile-ish. ISH is very important.