Sunday, June 17, 2007

Laundry Purgatory

Today, I am packing for Disney and working my way through Laundry Purgatory. I thought I'd seize the opportunity since Chris is working this afternoon. Laundry is normally his job, but he tends to stick to the "must do's" rather than feeling that all of it is really needed. Therefore, we have an impressive backlog in the laundry room I like to refer to as Laundry Purgatory. I'm sure it happens in all homes, but it happens to an extreme degree in ours.

You know... all those blankets, comforter covers, area rugs, delicates... all those things you don't want to wash or feel you don't have to because there isn't an immediate need for that particular thing. In our house, this usually amounts to the area rug in the guest bathroom, the off-season comforters, and some of my clothes. One year, the comforter cover I removed in the spring didn't get washed until I took the lightweight cover off in the fall and realized I had nothing to recover the comforter with.

Don't get me wrong here... this is not a post knocking Chris for not getting to this stuff. I am just as capable of doing it, and I don't ever get to it. So today, I'm getting to it. Chris caught up on most of the laundry earlier this week, so with any luck, Purgatory will be empty by the end of the day.


Jessica said...

My house is in permanent Laundry Purgatory. But it's cool.
Gives me more time to avoid doing dishes!

Cathy said...

My Laundry Purgatory currently includes two rugs from the upstairs bathroom, all four "dog-towels", a pile of assorted cleaning rags and two pair of handwash/dry clean winter dress pants (I should just give in and take them to the cleaners.)