Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm Still Here

Sorry for the infrequent posts. I have had plenty to say, but it's all work-related, and sometimes I just can't post that stuff. As much as I want to, I won't post about patrons (other than their parenting or clothing choices) and I certainly won't post about coworkers... although my coworkers are great and normally don't give me much fodder to work with.

Basically, we are closing the library in about 10 days for renovation. New carpet, paint, and moving furniture around. It's very stressful, and I just haven't been in a great place mentally to post without making an ass of myself. I did prepare a post about an email campaign that was launched against one of my staff because of an "inappropriate" book display, but then I reconsidered. We're all entitled to our opinion, and despite the fact that they chose to bully this one person, she handled it especially well and professionally and all the hub-bub seems to have ceased. Huzzah.

Basically, we are open for business a week from Tuesday (the 24th), close and start packing on the 25th, and I leave for Mouseland on the 27th. I am going to need a serious vacation by then, so it's just as well.

Oh, and we owed Uncle Sam just under $2K because of Chris' contract status the last quarter of the year. So much for having finances on track.

The kids went to the zoo today with Daddy and Grandma. We have this strange tradition in which Chris and I never seem to take the kids together. One of us always goes with other people. It's weird. But everyone had a good time.

So there is the skinny. I'll try to be better about posting, but with the upcoming stressful stuff, I'm not sure how well I'll do.

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Jessica said...

I'm slacking too. But, in my defense, I was out of town since Thursday and then I was sick.
Plus, nothing interesting happens to me, except that I get sick every week.