Sunday, April 29, 2007

Disney: Day One

All is well in Mickey world. Athena has only peed herself once, and that was in her car seat on the way back from Animal Kingdom. Unlike yesterday, she had a very good day (with the noted exception) and enjoyed herself today.

We kicked things off with a character breakfast with Mickey and Friends. Then we rode Triceritops Spin (Dumbo, but with dinosaurs) twice. The grown ups then enjoyed the new Expedition Everest ride and then we trooped over to Kali River Rapids. Athena is tall enough to ride this one (in a modified seat) so she did. She was okay with it all until she got wet. Apparently, adding water to an Athena creates a similar effect to adding water to a Gremlin. The poor thing was shrieking and begging to get off the ride.

Of course, as Daddy was helping her potty once we DID get off the ride:

Athena: That was fun, Daddy.
Daddy: What? The water ride?
Athena: Yep

We then walked the Jungle trail to see the bats and the tigers and the dragon (oh my!) After that, it was time for Flights of Wonder, a bird show... which is fantastic every time I see it. Then it was off to lunch. We hoped to get FastPasses for Kilamanjaro Safaris, but the machine was malfuntioning. Since the kids were getting close to naptime, we decided to catch the next showing of Finding Nemo: The Musical (I liked it, Chris didn't) and head back for naps.

Athena just woke up, I'm about to change, and then we'll fix dinner for the kids and dump them on Seneca so we can go have a nice steak and some amount of wine at EPCOT. Athena has had a few moments, but overall, it's been a great day.


A Girl From Texas said...

Wow. I am so impressed by how organized you are.

Bon Appetit! I love love love steak.

Sophie said...

Hope you said hi to Pumbaa for me!!! Happy Birthday to Athena. The big "3"!!!!!!!!!!!!