Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ah, Ethics... How You Torment Me

I paid my bills this morning. In doing so, I entered my paycheck into Quicken so I could see exactly how much money I don't have. Lo and behold, my check was REALLY high. Almost $400 more than I expected!

Now, I was expecting it to be higher than in the past, because my deadbeat husband finally got himself a real job with benefits (he has been contracting up until Feb. 1) and I was able to drop him from my plan. However, I was only expecting a couple of hundred dollars... and even then... with the adjustment in taxes, I wasn't sure how much it would come out to be. But I never dreamed of $400. (Before anyone starts leaping into librarianship under false pretenses, keep in mind I get paid monthly.)

Anyhoo... I started itemizing my deductions, and that's when I saw it... they actually managed to CREDIT me for my insurance premium rather than deduct it. I emailed them today to fix it. *sigh*

Sometimes it hurts to be good.


cathy said...


It may hurt to be good, but it would've hurt more later when they realized their mistake and deducted it.

Since I am no longer a woman-of-leisure, I get my first full paycheck this week. Yay! Too bad the money's already gone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because you know they would have deducted it. I ordered a pair of shoes from the LL Bean catalog that I had to exchange because they were too big. I somehow got a refund check AND the shoes in the right side. I will send it back, but for now the check is just sitting on the counter, and every time I see it I like to pretend that I'm an evil person who will keep it.