Friday, March 31, 2006

Wondering Why Your Phone Bill is So High?

I just got a check from BellSouth. Turns out I overpaid my final bill when we switched to digital phone service.

I overpaid by thirteen cents.

They mailed me a check.



Sophie said...

Hmmm.... well, at least they're honest. Now, go spend a couple bucks driving to the bank to deposit such check!

eaf said...

Indeed. Fortunately, I also got another "refund" check for $2.50 that also needs to be deposited, so it's almsot going to cover the gas to get there.

Sophie said...

Wow, you are just bringing in the big bucks, arent' you???? Let's see, you probably have enough for Combo #1 soon!!! LOL

eaf said...

Combo #1? But I don't see that on the menu!

Jason said...

There's ALWAYS a combo #1. Trust me.

Jessey said...

I once got a state tax refund check for $1.
I don't think I ever cashed it. I'm sure there's a team of bureaucrats out scouring the earth for me right now, so they can give me my 100 pennies.
Ah, waste.