Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Baby Shower

I was not expecting any sort of baby shower this time around. After all, it's a second baby, and we really do have most everything we need. Thanks to the fact that all my friends only seem to produce boys (except Brian and Sophie, who will now get all of Athena's old clothes), I have enough clothes to dress triplets. And of course I still have a stroller, baby blankets, toys, bouncy seats, etc. from Athena.

However, the women I work with are so wonderful and caring and social that they insisted on throwing a shower for me this time too. Let it be known that I started my job at the library when I was eight months pregnant with Athena, and they still threw me a little shower then. They didn't even KNOW me very well, but there was a huge box of pampers and all sorts of little baby things (incluing so much bath soap that I will probably be able to pass some of THAT on to something as well) sitting in the break room one day with a big sign and a cake.

So tonight, we gathered at a local restaurant after work and ate dinner and opened gifts. Chris and Athena were also invited and it made it even more wonderful to have them there. The ladies made some suggestions for names, many of which we had already talked about. Still no decision though. *sigh*

Anyway, we were given many books (no surprise there) and bibs and a blanket and pacifiers... all those things that are rather disposable... which means we can really use them. We were also given a couple of gift certificates to Target, which is an extra bonus for us because we live near a SuperTarget, so we can actually buy groceries with those... not just fun Target stuff. :-) Oh, and diapers... we do need diapers. But perhaps my favorite gift was a one-hour massage for me! YAY! I believe I will save that for a few weeks after the baby is born. I can lie on my stomach then, and I can get a deep tissue massage, which many people recommend you not do while pregnant.

So really, a lovely evening all around. We had a wonderful time, and folks were so generous. I am truly blown away by how nice the people I work with are. Guess I should get to those thank you notes...


A Girl From Texas said...

I love baby showers. I love the games, the laughter, the food... Baby showers are the bomb.

jen said...

Wow, it sounds like it was a fun time. I'm sorry I missed it. Especially since instead of going to the baby shower, I crashed my hard drive.

Cathy said...

That sounds really nice. The massage gift was a stroke of genius. I may steal that idea for my sister-in-law's upcoming shower.

BTW, I had another pregnancy milestone yesterday. Somebody touched my belly yesterday for the first time (without asking!) It was a co-worker that I don't know particularly well. I didn't mind that much, but it was a little weird. Just keeping you posted. :)

Jessey said...

I only had one person touch the belly the second time around without asking. I really didn't care for it, even though I knew the person very well.
I'm just not a touchy-feely kind of gal I suppose.

eaf said...

That touching-the-belly thing is so weird! I am so glad that despite the fact I work in a public place where people feel that they "own" you since "their tax dollars" pay your salary, no one here has even attempted it.

Only once in each pregnancy has a stranger touched the belly. Once I can deal with. Although it's still weird. Cathy, I hope that's the only time... although I would imagine your belly will be very tempting later on if people are already touching it. You must send me pictures since I can't come see you until early May.

Cathy said...

I'm with gft, baby showers are the bomb. Every expectant mother deserves a shower, no matter how many babies she has had in the past.

A one hour massage sounds like heaven. What a great gift for the mother to be.