Monday, December 26, 2005


My husband is very good about complimenting me when he thinks I look good and not saying anything if I don't. (Remember the maternity swimsuit ordeal?) Every now and then, he will give me "a look" that lets me know I currently look like a float from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but it is rare. (Honestly, it's rare that I look THAT bad, as horrible as my fashion sense is).

So it wasn't a surprise when Chris complimented my new maternity outfits that my sister bought me for Christmas. After all, that's why I asked her for them... what I have been wearing is positively dowdy. And it wasn't surprising that he said nothing today as I wore pajama bottoms and a HUGE knit shirt all day. Of course, he couldn't really comment because he was The Grey Avenger today. We were scraping the bottom of the laundry barrel, and all he could manage to put together was a grey t-shirt and grey sweats. We were clearly a couple that was not leaving the house.

But imagine my surprise tonight when I threw on an old Victoria's Secret pajama set (not from their sexy collections... rather from their "comfortable" collections) and Chris immediately raised an eyebrow and said " Nice!" I chuckled, because I initially thought he was kidding... but then I realized he was totally serious. It's just a white cotton tshirt and tap shorts. I never wear it because it's so old... but I still have it because it's comfortable and good for those nights when we are scraping the bottom of the laundry barrel. But I suppose I will wear it more often now. Go figure. Makes me think I need to dig out some other things from my closet that I never wear, just in case I actually look good in them!


Chris said...

Glad I could help. :-)

A Girl From Texas said...

I love Jammies! I had a set from Victoria's secret that I wore until they fell apart. Now I sew them myself.