Thursday, October 27, 2005

Preparations Are Underway

Our anniversary cruise is just around the corner, and I am PSYCHED! We have our house/pet-sitter lined up (just in case someone was considering robbing us while we're gone), we have our tickets, and now, thanks to Hurricane Wilma, we have a new itinerary!

The cruise was supposed to go to Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and then the private island. However, poor little Cozumel was pretty devastated in the storm, and the port is not open to cruise ships at the moment. Instead, we are headed to Costa Maya, Mexico. I am especially excited about this because Chris and I did this same itinerary three years ago, and although we loved it, I am completely pumped to go somewhere I've never been. My friend Susan (who was kind enough to inform me of my itinerary change) said that she has been there before and enjoyed it very mucho. I'm kind of keen to see some Mayan ruins, although I have no idea how Athena will do at such a place. We'll play it by ear.

I also have managed to purchase the world's most hideous maternity swimsuit for the trip. I vowed I would not spend more than $30 for a suit, because I am only going to be able to wear it for a week, and I never intend to be pregnant again. So there was no need for me to dump a good deal of money into this. Well, my friends, there ain't much out there for under $30. And what there IS is God-awful. Here is what I selected. Go see for yourself.

Now, when you look at the picture, you may think, "That's not so bad." Which is indeed what I thought after looking at hundreds of REALLY ugly or REALLY expensive suits. But when it arrived in the mail, I thought, "Wow. That's pinker than I thought." And then I put it on. It fits, but let's just say I am not the model in the JC Penney catalog.

Oh, and did you notice that this is just the top? Neither did I! So when it came in the mail, I thought, "Where are the bottoms?! I need bottoms!" I looked at the catalog again and dammit all to Hell, the bottoms are sold separately. So suddenly, my $30 ugly swimsuit became a $60 ugly swimsuit. And before I ordered the bottoms, I did consider sending it back, but then I still would have had no suit. My belly isn't huge yet, but it's big enough that my regular swimsuit becomes a thong now when I put it on. Again, I stress my need for bottoms. It's pretty essential... especially when you are cruising with The Mouse.

By the way, go back to that page that I linked you to for the swimsuit. Do you see that other maternity swimsuit on the right? The cute black one with the little stripe? They don't have it in my size. Just in case you were going to ask... Trust me, I checked several times hoping they had restocked for some reason.

So we'll start packing this weekend. It's gotten cold here, so we can pack shorts and sandals and ugly swimsuits early. Hopefully that means I won't be running around in a last minute rush to get packed and I can enjoy my vacation right from the beginning. And don't worry. You will hear all about it as it happens. We plan to purchase an Internet package on the ship so I can update regularly.


A Girl From Texas said...

That was a very amusing post.

Sophie said...

Hahaha.... that was hilarious!!! Luckily, I found an awesome maternity clothes store, which has already parted me with a good chunk of money. I haven't had to face the swimsuit ordeal though (and don't plan on it)!

Judy said...

If I were you I would consider working as a freelance writer after the baby is born. You write SO well. You could forget the regular hours and bending and lifting at the library, and just sit at the computer at home and do what seems to come so naturally.

eaf said...

Thanks, Judy! If there is anyone out there who wants to be my agent and pitch me to someone, I'm all about it. Unfortunately, although writing is easy for me, marketing and networking is not. :-) I can write all day long. But when I meet someone new, my mind completely blanks and I say things like, "So, have you read a good book lately?" And then I tend to get uncomfortable and wander off at the first opportunity. Not really an impressive opening.

Judy said...

No no. You got the job at the library even though you didn't have library background and you were about to deliver. Obviously you make a better first impression than you think. However, I agree that marketing oneself is very distasteful. We have to think about what you can do. it would be a shame not to use your talent.