Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Ugly Swimsuit - Part Deux

I have the best friends in the world. And I'm not just saying that because those of you reading this fall into that category. Really. :-)

On Saturday, I went to visit my friend Karen, who just delivered a handsome little baby boy about three weeks ago. Sleep deprived and milked to death, she received me with open arms and even fed me. (Hotdogs... yum!) Makes me proud to be a woman.

So as we chatted about all things maternal, I brought up my swimsuit ordeal. Having recently been through the whole pregnancy thing (right through the summer, I might add), she was completely sympathetic. And then, she went from friend to knight-in-shining-armour in one fell swoop. She retreated to her bedroom and produced two very cute maternity swimsuits! She thrust them upon me and I gratefully accepted her gift as if it were gold, frankincense, and myrrh (although there were only two of them).

Now, how shall I say this? I am... well... big-boned. And Karen is, well... not. My big bones extend into my chest area. And Karen... again... she is just not big-boned. She is tall, however, so often we can wear the same size, as long as it's nothing too tight. Sure enough, these suits are Large, and my normal size is Extra-Large. Still, I was willing to take the chance. After all, I've lost a little weight since conception, and Karen had just been pregnant... so perhaps we would meet in the middle.

So this morning, I tried on both suits, and can I just say... what is it they say in the Marines? BOO YAH! Yes, the boobs are a little mushed in, but they do seem to stay contained, and most important... these suits have BOTTOMS! And even better... those bottoms COVER MY BOTTOM! HOORAY!

So Chris and I made the ceremonious trip to JC Penney to get our $60 bucks back and send the hideous clown swimsuit to from whence it came. And this may be a good time to mention what a good sport Chris has been through this. He held his tongue when I tried on the suit, and even after I returned it, I had to tell him, "You know, it's okay to tell me that the suit was hideous." He merely indicated that I clearly KNEW it was awful, so why restate the obvious? He's so great!

Now I can look forward to sailing the Caribbean without inadvertantly flagging down the Coast Guard. Yay! Life is good.


Sophie said...

Great to hear!!! So now, does that mean we can expect some cool vacation pictures for those of us who will be left here in the cold? Oh, and whoever invented bathing suits with bottoms must have been a genius!!!! Heheh....

Cathy said...

Yay for Karen (and you)! I'm glad you've got a suit you like. It's insane how expensive bathing suits are now! The "ala carte" two piece suit is a great idea, but they really do gouge you. Happily, I have made it through another summer without having to wear one (except for one trip to the Mtns. with my little niece and nephew, but no one knows me there.) Thank God, fall is here!

A Girl From Texas said...

You are going to have so much fun on your trip. I'm looking forward to your blogs about it.