Friday, December 23, 2005

A Very Full Day Off

Today was the first of four days off for the holidays, and I am stoked. I actually feel a little weird having so much time off without actually cutting into vacation time. Tomorrow, I will be in a pretty intense mode of cooking, cleaning, and finishing up the Christmas shopping (I have yet to purchase a gift for my own mother. How pitiful is that?!)

Today was no less busy, although it was full of much more fun things. My sister flew in from San Francisco VERY late last night (truthfully, she actually arrived very early this morning). She and her husband stayed in a hotel, and I really wasn't sure exactly what time to expect them. So we slept in until 7:30, when Athena woke up. I headed downstairs to check the instructions for my glucose screening. This is a test that looks for gestational diabetes. I had a doctor's appt. this morning at 9:15, and I had to drink this disgusting flat orangeade an hour before my appt. It turns out that I also was suppose to eat a balanced breakfast (one or two eggs, toast, and milk). So... I quickly whipped up some scrambled eggs and wolfed them down so I could drink the nasty sugar thing on time. Then I tossed Athena in the car with some little fruit chews (which she loves) and we headed to daycare.

At the doctor, they almost forgot to draw my blood, but I reminded them. God knows I didn't want to drink ANOTHER one of those drinks. I don't remember it tasting so bad when I was pregnant with Athena. But it was gross this time.

The actualy appointment went well. He Who Must Not Be Named has a nice normal heartbeat and seems to be on track as far as growth. Now I switch from monthly appointments to every other week. This means I'm entering my third trimester! I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is zipping by. Whatever will I blog about after the baby is born?!

So I got home just a little after 10am. I sat down to rest, hoping to maybe get a little nap before Linda arrived. But alas, no sooner had I plopped down but the phone rang. It was the daycare director telling us that Athena had thrown up twice, and therefore we needed to pick her up and bring her home. Chris was still in his pajamas (dammit) so I headed back out to Cary to collect her.

When I arrived, she looked perfectly fine. I'm guessing that the sugary fruit snacks combined with the graham crackers they gave her at school may have just been a little rough on her tummy. She also has a head cold, and the drainage may also be upsetting her stomach. Regardless of how healthy she looked, two vomits earns you a ticket home. Period. No exceptions. She was happy to see me, though, and when I asked if she wanted to go home, she said yes... so at least she wasn't disappointed to be leaving her friends behind.

Just as I pulled into the driveway, Linda called to say they were about to leave the hotel. We made arrangements for her to pick up lunch on the way, and we settled in with Athena to wait. She was playful and showed no signs of the earlier tummy troubles.

We had a Chick Fil-A picnic in the kitchen, and then Athena headed up for her nap. Linda and I trundled off to the shops and Chris and Ron stayed behind to mind the baby. We wanted to get something in particular for mom, and then I had asked Santa for some nice (meaning "real designers... not Target") maternity clothes. It's bad enough your tummy is the size of a watermelon... you might as well get to look good. And all the stuff I've purchased to date is ill-fitting and low quality. Linda wanted to take me shopping to have me try stuff on, and ended up buying me WAY more than I expected. So for the next three months, I may actually be somewhat fashionable. I believe the folks I work with are going to go into shock.

We came home and I unwrapped the gift Cathy sent me. She sent me the Deluxe Librarian Action Figure (which I had been wanting, but never would have purchased myself) and several homemade cookies. I've sampled the chocolate ones, and they are to die for. Then we relaxed with Athena and watched most of A Bug's Life.

Next we all squashed into Chris' car and headed to the Canes/Panthers game. Athena behaved well as always, and we won, despite playing one of the worst periods I have EVER seen us play (and that is really saying something).

When we got home, we discovered that somehow my tiny dog had reached all the way up onto the highest part of our counter (my daughter can't even reach it, and she is close to three feet tall) and managed to pull down one of the four bags of cookies that Cathy sent. I'm heartbroken, because now I don't even know what they were, not to mention I didn't get to eat one. The other three packages were untouched (except for the chocolate ones that Chris and I had already partaken of) so all was not lost. But it is frustrating to be feeding your dog expensive medicine and buying her premium prescription food to make her live longer, only to have her devour 6 or 8 cookies which clearly do not meet her dietary requirements. *sigh*

Anyway, all is cleaned up now and Athena is in bed. It's great to have my sister home, and although she leaves tomorrow to stay with my mom, I'll be glad to see her again Christmas day. As the final presents are wrapped and my meal-planning comes together, I am starting to remember why I like Christmas so much. All the busy running around leading up to the holiday just makes it that much easier to relax when it's here.

Well, that, and Santa Claus is coming to our house tomorrow night! Yippee!


Jason said...

You can remind Murphy that you will take the cookie eating incident into account the next time you are deciding between expensive vet treatment or cheap euthanasia. The funny thing about pets. They know what they are doing is wrong...they just don't care.

eaf said...

No doubt. My dog is the biggest diva ever. I took her to the people who train police dogs to get her housebroken and they couldn't do it. They said "she knows what she's doing, and she is going to do it no matter what. Just try not to piss her off, and you'll be fine." I guess I just always piss her off. *sigh*