Monday, December 12, 2005

Vocabulary Lesson

I was going to begin this post with a little apology that this is yet another story of the cuteness that is my daughter. But then I thought... the blog is called Mommy Librarian. So either I talk about being a Mommy, or I pontificate on the merits of the Dewey Decimal System. So instead, I invite you to enjoy a post that is NOT about my librarian life, and instead, you may revel in stories of the cutest baby in the whole wide world (TM).

So tonight, I'd like to share with you Athena's growing vocabulary. I do this partially because I am curious as to how many words she is actually regularly using. And rather than a typical alphabetical list, these appear in the order of frequency (as accurately as I can)... listing the words she uses most, first. When there is nothing important of note to say about a particular word or group of words, I've just listed them together so you won't be scrolling for infinity.

More - She says this when she is hungry... which often seems to be all the time. It is usually accompanied by the ASL sign, which she learned in day care. So yes, it means "more" but it also means, "feed me you evil keeper of the pantry door!" And if necessary, she will bodily drag us into the kitchen. Sometimes it takes us a while to catch on.

Juice - This is any liquid refreshment -- juice, milk, water, beer, wine, liquor... you name it. If it's in a glass, it's juice to her. In fact, it's a constant battle to convince her that mouthwash and cooking oil are not actually in the "juice" family.

Apple - Describes any fruit... rarely actually an apple.

Done, Shoes, Socks, Ball, Hi, Bye, Eyes, Nose, Daddy, Mommy

Elmo - This kid loves Elmo. This is a recent development, but we are now watching Elmo in Grouchland almost nightly. Looking for Christmas gift ideas? Give us OTHER Sesame Street DVDs. Please, God, give us something different.

Baboo - Translates as "balloon." Shiny balloons, small balloons, cheap balloons, expensive balloons... she loves them all.

Bath, Doggie, Kitty

Poop - She has said this a few times, usually just before or after she has... well... pooped.

Pizza, Potty, Door, Head, Hair, Hat, Teeth, Ear, Down

Neena - This is how Athena says her own name. It's horribly cute.

So that's about 29 words. We may have missed a few, but this gives you a good idea of where she is. Chris tells me she formed a complete sentence this past weekend... "Want more." Sure, we can argue whether or not this is a complete sentence, but there is an implied subject and a verb... which I believe qualifies it.

Needless to say, we are really geeking out over hearing her vocabulary expand. I think she will really be nattering on by the time her brother arrives. And with her talking all the time, "He Who Must Not Be Named" will be talking by the time he's 6 months old!


StaciLooLoo said...

I was giggling reading this because Jubilee does so much of the same things and I know the level of cuteness you are talking about. Except instead of Elmo its Spongebob (Bob-bob). We've been watching the Spongebob Christmas Special: "Tell me more about CHRIISSSSSSSMAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS" Jubilee's newest word is Sansa (Santa), and she too likes to announce "poop". I would love to get these two together one day!! (check your mail for pictures) SMOOCH!

Chris said...

You forgot her most used word!

Thank you
Up (as in "Get Up")

There are probably several more, now that I think of it. Of course, the words that she understands are much more expansive.

eaf said...

For the record, dear husband... YOU helped me come up with the list! :-) Funny how we forget "No." And teeth was on the list. :-)

Chris said...

and Animal. To be fair, I was watching hockey at the time...

Chris said...

Also several colors, and many other words. She says a lot, everyone. It's really too difficult to get everything.

A Girl From Texas said...

Note to self; never engage a man in anything while sharing his attention with sports.

eaf said...

Amen, sister... You would think I had learned by now...