Friday, May 09, 2008

Dear God, What Happened?

Three months ago, we had the SWEETEST little boy. He loved everyone. He loved anything. He did as he was told. He was a joy. Then he turned two. And now... NOW... Well, see for yourself, if you can stand it. Here is what happens when you offer him a delicious (although drier than normal... I'm trying to figure that out...) helping of Chicken Tettrazini and refuse to let him have yogurt instead:

Impressive, eh? And to think, I didn't start shooting this until he had already been going for about five minutes. And he CONTINUED for another five. Nothing wrong with his lungs now, as you can see.


Anonymous said...

The laughing really seemed to help him! Way to go Dad.

Chris said...

I laughed then; I laughed just now watching it again. It's funny.

eaf said...

Anonymous commenting is no longer an option.

Jessica said...

That was an impressive fit!
You'd think he'd want the chicken AND the yogurt. My Dylan would!
He had eggs, bacon, sausage AND two yogurt drinks (SpongeBob, natch) for breakfast.
I think he has a hollow leg.