Monday, May 05, 2008

...And I Lived to Tell The Tale

Athena turned four last week. Her party was yesterday. This was the first, honest-to-God birthday party I've hosted for either of the kids. I actually allowed Athena to invite her friends (normally we just invite OUR friends, and if they happen to bring her friends... fabulous bonus). She invited 12. Daddy invited 2 more. Five of the original 12 came and they brought a total of three siblings. Well, technically one sibling was actually invited, but whatever. Neither of the two Chris invited on his own came. However, they both SAID they would. Hrmph.

We rented the shelter at our local park. Between 11am and 3:15 pm, I managed to take the family out to eat, go to Party City to get final supplies and balloons, go to BJs to get candy for goody bags and other normal grocery items, take the kids and Chris home so he could create the goodie bags, went to the grocery store to pick up the cake and ice as well as a few normal grocery items, then go back to the house, pick up the birthday girl and the goodie bags, plus various party needs like tablecloths, etc., then go to the park and set it all up. I am awesome.

She had a Hello Kitty theme, which she loved. We had cake, the kids ran themselves silly, Athena tore through her gifts (seriously), distributed the goodie bags, then everyone departed. We went to Friday's with the Gundlachs, and the wait staff sang to her... which surprised her more than pleased her. We then went home to show off the new tv, which Mr. Gundlach was kind enough to help Chris fix up.

I drank.

It was an excellent end to a really great day.

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Bern said...

Happy Birthday, Athena!