Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So This is Christmas

Well, the house is returning to normal now. We still have a kickass gingerbread house downstairs (thanks to a marvelous kit from Target and my darling husband and daughter who put it together). We are also now one Game System richer since my mother bought Chris an X-Box 360. My condition for the new system was that we have games for the kids too. Currently, Chris is downstairs teaching Athena to play Viva Pinata. I'll go observe that in a moment, once I know MC MC is truly asleep.

We had a wonderful day yesterday, and we also took advantage of today. Both Chris and I were off work and the daycare was open. So we did what any good parents would do, and we shuffled them off to school. Call us evil, if you wish, but let's face it... routines are good for kids... so why break the routine? It allowed us to nap, go see Sweeney Todd, and even play a little Lego Star Wars on the aforementioned game console. Then we got the little man some stylin' new shoes and went to Five Guys for burgers.

I can't believe my five-day weekend is already over. It seemed to be gone in a flash. However, I think I can handle two days at work. Then two days off. Then one day at work. Then another day off. Not bad, really.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you wait. I also thought I could manage three days of work, then two days off, then one day of work, then another day off.

Then I went back to work.