Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas From the Toddler!

When I came in from work Tuesday night, Chris informed me that Athena helped him wrap my Christmas present. She also wrote her name on the card with minimal help from her. We agreed that she obviously is a supergenius, and we patted ourselves on the back and retired for the evening.

Cut to next morning, when we are getting ready for school/work. As we get downstairs, Athena runs to the tree, flipping the switch on the way to turn it on.

ATHENA: Mommy! You have a present under the tree!
MOMMY: Really? Cool. I can't wait until Christmas so I can open it.
ATHENA: You want to see it Mommy?
MOMMY: I can see it, honey. You need to leave it under the tree.
ATHENA: It's sparkly books!
DADDY: Oh, no you DI'INT!
MOMMY: *laughing* She did!
DADDY: But we had an understanding!

Fortunately, I'm not sure what "sparkly books" actually entails. So now I'm even more intrigued. But I did enjoy it.


Chris said...

I think my actual response was "Dude!" followed by a half-laughing explanation of how it was supposed to be a surprise.

Jessica said...

I was going to ask when you kicked Chris out and replaced him with Miss Jay.

But I see it's all been explained here. Eyewitness testimony, not so reliable! ;)

I too am curious...what ARE sparkly books? Hmmm....

eaf said...

Oh, let's not pretend he doesn't pull a Miss Jay from time to time. And let's not pretend Chris' memory is all that great. Although in this case he is probably right. I was going for dramatic effect.

Indeed... what ARE sparkly books?

Anonymous said...

Do you scrap? Is it a photo album? A book of the kids' photos he put together and Athena dumped glitter on? A diamond journey pendant placed in a book? We should probably not discuss it too much, lest we build it up to be much better than it actually is.

eaf said...

I do scrap. Or rather I DID... before I discovered movies are better and easier and funner (and other -er words... or non-words as the case may be). But the idea of CHRIS scrapping is just shy of ludicrous.

Diamond Journey Pendant? That would be nice, but I limited him to $250. I imagine they cost more than that. Plus he's bought several other things, so perhaps a Glass Journey Pendant...

The fact he bought me a book at all is slightly suspect, as I am a librarian and I'm frequently giving HIM suggestions of what to read. Maybe it's a blank book for me to journal in.


Bern said...

Maybe she meant Sparkly BooTs! :)

Jason said...

That's fine. We'll grill Athena for the answer tomorrow when you arrive.

Chris said...

Heh. You'll just have to wait. It'll be the last gift opened too. It's really eating her up inside.

Jessica said...