Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well, this was a good day.

This morning, I discovered a package from Jessey. Gifties from Crochet Funtime! Athena got a pretty pink purse, and I got a crocheted soap holder/loofah! Sweeeeeeeeet. Pics are forthcoming. Athena loved her purse so much she insisted on taking it to school, and then I left it in her cubby when I picked her up tonight. Oops.

Then I only worked a half-day at work. I work this coming Saturday, so I have the comp time during the week. I went to the gym, then the bank, and then I cross-stitched for two hours. Of course, I work on such large projects that two hours hardly seems to make a dent... but progress was made... I'm sure of it.

Then, as I went to get the kids, my mom called and invited me to go with her to New York for a three-day weekend in two weeks! My sister has to be there on business, and my mom has some legal issues to resolve, so we're all going. Unfortunately, it's the weekend that we are taking the kids up to Virginia. So I asked Chris if he minded that I bow out of that trip. I assume he will still take the kids up... but I'll go to NY instead.

No idea what we'll do while we're there. My sister is making all the arrangements I think. Regardless, it will be a good time. Too bad it wasn't timed better so I could have been there when Alaskan Amy is....


Jessica said...

Wheeee! I love getting gifties but it's also soo fun to give them!

Jessica said...

You are a pic tease!!
Where are the pics!?!?

eaf said...

Sorry. My computer has died. We're working on restoring, but in the meantime... I'm at a bit of a standstill. Lots of pics on the camera, none on the computer. I'll be back, though! And there will be pics!