Monday, July 09, 2007

Random Musings

I feel I should post as I haven't done so for a while. However, I only have little dribs and drabs to report. So once again, here is your catch-all blog for the day...

- Just heard from an old friend who I haven't talked to in well over a year. She has been wonderful about sending me cards and notes, and I haven't replied to a single dang one of them. I knew she had a baby, and her baby is totally cute, and I have totally neglected spoiling her child. I will rectify this soon.

- This week at daycare is "Wacky Wobbler Week." They divide the one-year-olds into the "Wobblers" (12-18 months) and "Toddlers" (18-24 months). Marcus is now almost 16 months and is still quite the wobbler (although the bow-leggedness is gradually getting better, thank goodness). Anyway, today was "Wacky Hair Day," so I turned Chris loose with some hair gel and a willing blondie boy, and we got a mohawked punk rock Marcus. Pics are still stored in the camera, but I'll share soon. Tomorrow is PJ day. I'm thinking we'll just take pictures each morning and post them all together. Thursday is sort of a "general zanyness" day, so I bought him a t-shirt at Target that says "I'm with handsome," and it has an arrow pointing up at his face. Love it.

- I've been stitching quite a lot lately. I'm currently working on a piece by my favorite designer called "The Storyteller." It's a dragon listening to a prince tell a story. The colors will compliment the newly painted accent wall in my office, so I really want to finish it. I still have a ways to go, though. Not likely to be done this year. I'll get sick of it and put it down for a while before I finish, only to resume it several months later.

- Speaking of my newly painted office, they finished the renovations on my library on Friday, and the movers arrived at 7:30 this morning to start bringing all the stuff back in from the trailers in the parking lot. We knew the shelving was dirty, but we had no idea HOW dirty until we saw it with all the fresh paint and carpet. It's totally gross. And now when they DO clean it, they'll get all that dust and yuck all over our new carpet. *sigh* We reopen on July 21, which is also the day the final Harry Potter book comes out. Crowds should be significant.

- Athena can not have any accidents in the near future that would send her to the hospital. This is because she is covered with so many bumps, bruises and scratches that I would most certainly be detained. And I am fairly confident that if someone asked her "Does Mommy hit you?" she'd say, "yes" because she knows it's what they want to hear. Ugh. Chris informed me she has a black eye today (I was at my stitching circle from 6-9 and therefore never saw the kids tonight), which is probably from her walking into a door that I was opening for her at the gym yesterday. Perfect, eh? "Athena, how did you get that black eye?" "I walked into a door." Yeah, right kid.


Chris said...

Luckily, I think we have enough character witnesses at the daycare and elsewhere that we should be OK.

Cathy said...

I'll be a character witness, too. You have an excellent temper. After all, you managed to work at TEC for YEARS and never physically assaulted anyone.

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, while we were at my mom's house Elizabeth became very fond of telling her that her dad slaps her "all the time"
My mom actually got concerned and asked me about it!
Turns out, Elizabeth was trying to tell the story of when Bob stepped back and bumped her out in the yard. She didn't even fall down! She is such a great storyteller though that it's gone from "My dad bumped into me" to "My dad slaps me all the time."