Friday, August 26, 2005

An Update on the Walrus

Soon after I finished writing my last post about being constantly full and not being able to actually eat, I shut down the old laptop and noticed that the pain in my tum-tum was decidedly different. What is that? Is that... HUNGER?

Soon, I was in the kitchen, devouring anything I could put my little paws on, including a tube of Pillsbury biscuits (I did bake them first). And I felt okay. I thought perhaps the worst was behind me.

But alas, although now I am not uncomfortably full all the time, I am having a hard time knowing WHAT I am. Am I hungry? Am I pukey? Am I full? And if I think I may be hungry, anything I think to eat makes my stomach turn.

So this morning, I loaded up on carbs. Bread, really... okay, to be more specific, another tube of Pillsbury. After that, I felt perfectly awful. I almost couldn't go into work (I'm on a night shift tonight). I took a 45-minute nap (all that time alloted me) and struggled to get dressed and get in the car. As I drove into work, it dawned on me... hmmmmmmm... maybe I should have some PROTEIN! I tell you, a pregnant woman is a brilliant woman, n'est-ce pas?

So I got some chicken strips (I couldn't be late for work) and munched on as many as I could without filling up or getting sick. I ate them slowly, and I only got one down. Later, I went back and had another one during a meeting full of remarkably tolerant people (KFC has a pretty strong odor... not much you can do about it). Now, the final strip is in the fridge and it is calling me.

This protein plan seems to be working. I am also wearing my sea-sickness bracelets, so it is easier to tell when I am hungry vs. when I am just not feeling well. I'm still not in tip-top shape, but at least I don't feel like if I take a step I will collapse.

Now, a question for all those out there who have been through this (or perhaps those of you in the medical field). I have had cold chills almost every day since I found out I was pregnant. And it's been in the 90s here. I can't find any medical documentation of why this may happen. I do NOT have a fever... I have checked several times. Does anyone know what's up?


Sophie said...

Uh...try turning off the air conditioning??

eaf said...

Brilliant! I thought of that, actually, but I sometimes feel cool even outside. Should have mentioned that point. :-P