Thursday, August 04, 2005


I shall try not to put any spoilers in my review. However, you may comment all you would like and include spoilers. That said, do not open the comments window unless you wish to read spoilers.

My review...
Harry. Brilliant. Dark. We knew that person had to die eventually, didn't we? Is Malfoy as bad as he wants to be? Is there a more complex character out there than Severus Snape? Harry and the gang hook up. More angst in one chapter than in a whole Sweet Valley High book... oh, but it was GOOOOOOOOD angst.

When did my little Harry grow up to be such a man? *sigh*

When is book seven coming out? Isn't it a shame this has to end one day?

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Chris said...

I just hope JK doesn't flake out on us. She already has a big enough head (my boy Terry P called her out on it). We'll see where it goes. I liked the book too and I have to say Snape is still the most interesting character in the series for a variety of reasons.

The whole Harry/Ginny thing reminds me of some fan fiction I read years ago - it was hilarious stuff with the two of them hooking up. Very funny. Ginny is a great character too.