Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry's Here!

One of the benefits of working in the library (and there are many, I assure you) is that I got my hands on the new Harry Potter book on Thursday morning. Now, I wasn't permitted to take it out of the building, but I snuck in some reading. I got through about half of the first chapter and decided I had to put it down before I COULDN'T put it down. (Incidentally, I'm glad I did, because Chapter Two is even BETTER than Chapter One.) Then I did something I NEVER do. I flipped to the back of the book.

I didn't want to know how it ended, per se, but I did need to know who died. I NEVER do this. I HATE doing this. It often spoils a perfectly good book. But I did it. And I know who dies. And I've known since Thursday. And it's still a great book.

I've read about six chapters. The baby and I were on our own most of the day, so it left me little time for reading. However, I snuck some pages in while she was napping and many pages after she went to bed.

If you finish it before I do (and most of you will), PLEASE don't talk about it in response posts for a while. We wouldn't want to spoil anything for our slowest readers (like me). I still don't know who the half-blood prince is... Can't wait to find out!

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cathy said...

You will finish it before we do. We're reading a chapter or two out loud each night before we go to bed. I wonder if this book will have a traditional plotline arc, or if it will just set up several conflicts to be resolved in the final installment. Either way, I'm on board.

I can't wait for the Goblet of Fire movie. I'm glad that the movie execs decided to stick with the original cast. I also heard that the director from the 3rd movie is signed on to do the fifth one. Yay!