Saturday, July 23, 2005

Coincidence or Destiny?

Tonight, we had a lovely date night with our good friends Kristen and Jack. I had to work today, so things were a little rushed when I got home, and we pretty much had to skip dinner (or really, postpone it) so we could catch the 7:10 showing of War of the Worlds. The daughter of a friend/coworker of mine is our regular sitter, and she was very prompt, as always. But lately it is especially hard for us to leave Athena.

For instance, tonight, when our sitter rang the bell, Athena hurried to the door with daddy to see who it was. She recognized Ms. Sitter immediately and clung to daddy's leg, willing him not to leave. Fortunately, I am confident that our sitter is a good person, and this clinging is not for protection, but rather just a little separation anxiety. We were able to distract her with a puzzle long enough for Chris and I to make our getaway.

So before the movie, there were trailers, as always. And I have discovered my destiny...

Let's talk about Orlando Bloom for a moment... (moment of silence to get that picture in your head and say mmmmmmmmmmm, dreamy). Orlando has a new movie coming out, and we saw the trailer for it tonight.

Now, let me back up a little. Mr. Bloom really became famous for portraying Legolas in that little movie... something about jewelry... oh, drat... well, you know the one I mean. THEN, he starred in Pirates of the Caribbean. And that is when my destiny started becoming clear. Throughout the movie, he repeated his love interest's name like a bajillion times... "Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth." Yes, I enjoyed the movie, but I REALLY enjoyed hearing Orlando repeat my name over and over and over with such love and tenderness in his voice.

And now, good friends... guess what his new movie is called?! Elizabethtown!!! Oh, yes. The man is clearly obsessed with me... poor thing. He must be heartbroken that I am so happily married. I feel for him, I really do.

So what do you think? Coincidence, or destiny? I do hope Chris doesn't get too jealous...

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