Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Movin Right Along

I'm not sure I'm really footloose and fancy free at this point, but I am most certainly on the road to being a real, honest-to-goodness trained travel agent. I am now all set to attend a week of intense training in Dallas at the end of June. It's the last week of school, so I'm missing a school play and at least one end-of-year party. So much for working from home so I can be with the kids when they need me most.

That said, Young MC threw up at school yesterday and I went and got him. I brought him home, snuggled a bit, then got right back to work. Perhaps I will miss some important things, but I am still here far more easily and often than I was in the past.

I can tell my learning curve is just beginning. Every time I've changed jobs, it has taken me a year or so to feel comfortable in the new role. I don't expect things to be any different this time. Granted, it's a larger change than ever... opening my own business. I have more responsibility than ever and less experience than ever. I need to stop writing this paragraph before I terrify myself.

It has been just over a month since I become "funemployed" and I have not looked back. I see the library every day, and now it seems like an item from a distant past. The new manager hasn't started yet full time, so my old office still sits largely unoccupied. I am looking forward to going back in another few weeks and seeing her there and my presence erased. Life is funny like that. Something that was once the center of your existence can be relegated to the back of the attic in no time at all.

I am working on a small booking already for friends and although the commission won't be remarkable, it will be a commission and more immediately present. While I work on this, I realize that my CRM will have to be REALLY good. I am hoping to get some good tips on best practices for tracking clients and staying on top of their bookings. I can see how easy it would be for something to slip through the cracks.

But for now, I will keep on learning and plugging along. I have taken one or two Disney trainings now and one Universal training. I figure the easiest thing is to start with what I know. Plus, it's not like those tests aren't also helping me plan my own immediate vacations...

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