Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Alive!

This week is not even halfway over and it has been quite exciting for me. My Tax ID arrived first thing Monday morning, and that has started the boulder rolling down the hill. Monday afternoon brought a new bank account for Outlander Travel LLC and today, I started the process of signing on with a host to get access to large group discounts, computer booking systems, and most importantly at this point, training. After they do the background and credit check on me, I should be good to go. My first training will be in Dallas at the end of June and when I return from there, I should be quite ready to handle most inquiries. Best of all, I am signing on for a larger split than I thought. More money in my pocket right away! Yay!

This whole process has been very interesting. I am very concerned with having all my ducks in a row, although it would seem that many people enter into this without that. I am looking forward to learning more to see if that is really true, or just an impression I get from the reading. I will say, it is a lot to do and it is not giving me as much time to do projects around the house.

Some of that is because so many things are backed up. There have been several things I needed to do for months (even years) that I kept putting off. Gradually, I am working through those. It seems to be taking forever to clear that backlog, but in reality, it has just been a little over three weeks since my last day at the library and I have really been quite productive. I am hoping that once more of that is cleared out, I will have more time to work and get through the daily routines. I also hope that starting a business is as top-heavy as I think it is, meaning a lot of this ground work will make for easier days once things are moving right along. A lot of what is taking up my time right now are tasks I should only need to do once... Or at least less than once a year.

At this point, it looks like my target date of July 1 is going to be spot on!

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