Monday, September 22, 2008

Some Tidbits From My Day

(Overheard at a meeting to determine the nominees for the Wake Reads Together Program this year)
Librarian 1: So what is the theme that ties these two books (Year of Wonders and Fever 1793) together?
Librarian 2: Death
Librarian 3: Death after long and horrible suffering
Librarian 1: So, is that really programmable?
Librarian 4: We could have a mortician show the kids how to make a body look good after being ravaged by disease!
Librarian 1: Right. Moving on...

(Overheard in the car on the way home)
Athena: MOooooooooooooooooom! I dropped my CRACKER!
ME: We'll get it when we get home.
Athena: I can't reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach it!
ME: When we get home!
Athena: Can we stop so I can unbuckle and get it?
ME: No.
Athena: *sigh* I wish I had a flying cracker.

(Overheard at Dinner)
Marcus: *Pointing at his mashed potatoes* Dangerous!

UPGRADE: Athena's bed time music selection includes These Boots Are Made for Walkin'!
DOWNGRADE: It's the Antonio Banderas version from Shrek. So much for Grrrl Power.


Brian Austin said...

Mashed potatoes are indeed dangerous. Beware of the flying mashed potato monster!

Staci said...

OMGGG.. flying cracker... Im cackling at that one!

Sophie said...

Man, I wish that EVERYTHING that fell from the backseat would fly!

eaf said...


Jessica said...

Flying crackers would be very dangerous. Pointy corners.