Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quest For the Hotness: Mile Marker Two

I forgot to weigh in on Monday, Amy's birthday, so I did it on Tuesday. Didn't really matter, since the holiday weekend was filled with Bratwurst, tortilla chips, and stress-eating. My goal for this day was 200. I weighed in at 208, which is three pounds heavier than my LAST goal weight. So... time to rededicate.

Starting Saturday, I've been to the gym faithfully every other day. I should have no trouble going again Friday, but Sunday will be a bit of a challenge, as we have a pretty full day planned. Still, if I miss Sunday and have to put it off until Monday, that won't be so bad. Once every third day is still better than never. But, I'm really trying to force myself into the every-other-day habit... no slacking. Otherwise, I'll just slack completely.

My next mile marker is July 31, Harry Potter's birthday. My goal for that day is 190. I sincerely doubt I'll be able to knock off 18 pounds by the end of the month... I'm not sure that would be super healthy, but if I can get down below 200 I'd sure be happy.


Jessica said...

It is HARD to lose weight!
My big fat heels have dug themselves in at 175 and they aren't budging...
At least, I think that's what I weigh, my scale is whacked!
BUT ALL my clothes from last summer (when I was at my lowest weight since meeting my husband almost seven years ago) now fit me again!! Whoo hoo!
So, I'm at least as skinny as I was last summer. Which is great!

You'll get to your goals too, I know you will!
So many of us on our own little quests, it's a great support network.

Anonymous said...

It should not be sooooo difficult to lose, but soooo easy to put it back. One slice of cake should not put on 2 pounds! My 9.5 loss is starting to lose its appeal, I just looked flabby in the gym mirror yesterday. I'm at that dangerous point where, I will just say, "I'm not going to get any smaller, so let's just start eating lots of cookies."