Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

I haven't got much to say, but I don't want to leave that depressing, moody crap from yesterday as the only thing for you to look at, so here are some little tidbits from the lint traps of my brain.

  • Harris Teeter sells yellow cake with chocolate frosting by the SLICE. Good thing I only discovered this today.
  • When pregnant, a woman can produce enough snot to fill the salt lakes. Not kidding.
  • The F word is most impressive when issued from an almost five foot tall ex-cheerleader, soon to be a librarian.
  • My mother had a root canal Monday. The best part is, she said it was more pleasant than getting a crown. Apparently, my mother is part iron, part steel, and part enamel (albeit a bit damaged).
  • If one more person tells me how horrible labor induction is, I shall scream.
  • If a friend goes to Hawaii for ten days and doesn't even offer to take you along, is she really a friend?
  • There is an ancient (read: prehistoric) tribe of people on an island in the Indian Ocean somewhere who have completely refused to talk to anyone from the outside world and will kill you with arrows if you try to go there. They even survived the Tsunami. And you thought Lost was fiction...
  • Teen Jeopardy tonight had a category that required you to alphebetize stuff, and I got all but one question wrong. Perhaps I WAS supposed to learn something in library school.
  • When you wonder where all your Tupperware (R) went, it's time to clean out the fridge.
  • Hearing Jim Henson (as Kermit) sing "It's Not Easy Being Green" can still make me cry. This really baffles a 21-month-old child.
  • When people see your entire stomach move as your son shifts his position, it really freaks them out.
  • Not a single person I know outside the library has asked me what I thought about the James Frey controversy. So I'll tell you. There is a place in any library for James Frey's book. And no, it's not the Fiction section OR the Nonfiction section. It's called "The circular file."
  • Where are the Barenaked Ladies? I miss them.
  • President Bush thinks that it's a good idea to cut funding to Smart Start programs because technically, no one can prove they are working. I think it's a good idea to cut funding to the White House because technically, ...


jen said...

I live to impress. Hmmm...maybe I should try harder, then. And whoa. That article about the ancient tribe? A little bit scary. And really, tribesmen, why haven't you eaten them yet? You know you want to.

Brant said...

If your wife goes to Hawaii for two weeks and does offer to bring you along, do you know what your first question should be?
"Is your brother-in-law going, too?"
If the answer is "yes" then skip it, no matter how bad you want to go.

A Girl From Texas said...

That's a lot of snot.

Cathy said...

Your mother is right, a root canal is more pleasant. Although I'm not real sure I would have chosen the word pleasant to describe either procedure.